LT Oudik-Delta-4 Selected for Sin FL

HA Plif

04 October, 2023 03:41
31 ABY

LT Oudik-Delta-4 has been moved up from a Flight Member position in Sin Squadron to Flight Leader. Good luck in your new role!

MAJ Taurus Selected for Beta FL

HA Plif

04 October, 2023 03:32
31 ABY

MAJ Taurus, formerly a Flight Member in Firebird Squadron, has transferred to Beta Squadron to become their Flight Leader. Good luck in your new role!

Star Wars Classics Collection plus other games on sale!

RA TheBlackxRanger

04 October, 2023 01:20
31 ABY

For a limited time, IndieGala has multiple games on sale for an affordable price! (Steam keys, priced in USD)

Star Wars Classics Collection - $9.99 (MUST HAVE!)

  • Star Wars™ X-wing Special Edition
  • Star Wars™ TIE Fighter Special Edition
  • Star Wars™ X-wing Alliance
  • Star Wars™ X-wing vs TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns
  • Star Wars™ Rebellion
  • Star Wars™ Galactic battlegrounds Saga
  • Star Wars™: Rebel Assault I + II
  • Star Wars™: Rogue Squadron 3D

Star Wars™ Empire at War - Gold Pack (includes Forces of Corruption) - $4.99
Elite: Dangerous Commander Premium Edition - $17.49
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - $10.99 (includes base game)
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe Edition - $12.89 (includes base game)

Double check if these deals are available in your region before purchasing!

Shoutout to LC Westric Davalorn who originally posted this amazing deal on our discord!

OL"Davy Jonez Promoted to Lieutenan Commander

FA John T. Clark

03 October, 2023 09:20
31 ABY

From Rho Squadron CMDR COL fr0Zen:

Since commissioning with the Tie Corps on the 13th day of the 4th month of our current Imperial year, 31 ABY, Lieutenant Ol”Davy Jonez has proven himself a fine and truly upstanding representative of the Abednedo people. Amassing 263 Legions of Combat, and 96 legions of Skirmish since that day, LT Ol”Davy Jonez has also blessed the Emperor Hammer’s Tie Corps with an additional recruit to his credit.

With respectable maintenance of his uniform standards, as well as his INPR for the benefit of Rho Squadron's data records, and Combat Ratings of Officer 2nd, Private 2nd, and 9th Echelon to his name, LT Ol”Davy Jonez continues to build his exemplary performance for the newly crowned Flagship, the ISDII Warrior.

His efforts in Raise the Flag, 31 ABY, were monumental to that title - contributing 2764 points for Tenth Ranked Overall Pilot in the fleet, while also earning the First Place victory in the second round Graphical Arts competition with a nightmare inducing depiction of a “Force Eater” as scouted on a reconnaissance mission here in the Unknown Regions.

Lieutenant OL”Davy Jonez maintains duties above and beyond his remit as an Officer and Pilot of the Tie Corps by volunteering to serve as a Requisition and Acquisition Specialist for his Squadron - a duty he performs with precision and creative success.

For these efforts, and for passing the TCCORE exam with an impressive 100% correct score, we proudly recommend Lieutenant Ol”Davy Jonez be elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Congratulations, LCM OL"Davy Jonez!

KEBLAOMEGA Promoted to Major

FA John T. Clark

03 October, 2023 09:17
31 ABY

From former Beta Squadron CMDR CM neurotictim via current Beta CMDR LC Honsou:

"From his very first day in the EHTC in October of 21, KeblaOmega has been the heart and soul of Beta Squadron. He has been a consistent SP participant, completing countless missions in between IRL obligations, and his fearsome reputation in Star Wars: Squadrons is known throughout the community.

He has been more than just an exceptional pilot, though; as a Flight Member, then Flight Leader, then Commanding Officer, he has been an intrinsic, effective part of Beta Squadron for his entire career, continuing to contribute even after he stepped down from leadership.

In fact, he has persistently encouraged and helped develop his teammates, above and beyond his rank. In recognition of his activity, his enthusiasm, and his devotion to Beta Squadron and the TIE Corps, it is my honor to make my last official CMDR action KeblaOmega's long-overdue promotion to Major."

Congratulations, MAJ KEBLAOMEGA!

Raise the Flag - The Finale

AD Phoenix Berkana

01 October, 2023 20:26
31 ABY

Raise the Flag 2023 has finally come to an end, it's been a fantastic month with some fantastic statistics. Over 9000 multiplayer matches submitted, over 250 Imperial University exams sat, 180 single player battles requiring manual review and 96 pieces of art and 67 pieces of fiction created.

It was a closely fought competition with several battles going down to the wire on the final day, which is a testament to the membership of the TIE Corps for whom this competition is all about.

I would like to congratulate our eventual victors, Battlegroup II claimed the crown as the new flag-group (official term to be decided upon), whilst Lambda Squadron have successfully defended their position as the TCCOM's Escort Squadron and LT Vanguard88 has taken the place as the TCCOM's Wingman.

Finally and most importantly I want to thank you, the members of the TIE Corps as without you this competition would never fly, your efforts this year have been stupendous and we will be circulating a short survey in the coming days to capture feedback whilst still fresh in your minds.

A few thank yous -
FA Pickled Yoda & the IO Team: without the website and coding RtF would be impossible to run, Yoda was even pulled out of bed at late hours to fix elements when needed.
The COO team: 9000 plus MP screens to wade through is no trivial task, you have our thanks for turning so many of these around inside 24 hours!
The TO and Professors: 250 exams graded, on average with less than 24 hours waiting time, speaks volumes to your dedication.
The BGCOMs & CMDRs: a thank you for helping to craft the rules and then motivate your squadrons, we saw 119 members take part this year!
The TCCOM/SOO: thank you for turning around the memes and bonus competitions so quickly and putting up with me flooding your DM's on a daily basis!

And now... the results!

Until RtF2024!

Raise the Flag Bonus Rounds

AD Phoenix Berkana

01 October, 2023 16:47
31 ABY

The final Raise the Flag bonus round results can be found here:

Lieutenant Promotion in Typhoon Squadron.

FA John T. Clark

30 September, 2023 15:50
31 ABY

For letting us know about themselves in their INPR, SL ScottyTheGeo of Typhoon Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT ScottyTheGeo!

Baron Vanguard88

FA Pickled Yoda

30 September, 2023 07:54
31 ABY

The pilot with the most battle high scores across the entire compendium is awarded the title of Baron.

For the entirety of my 20 years in the Emperor's Hammer that has been the legendary Brucmack, but he has now been usurped.

In just a few short months Vanguard 88 has eclipsed this mark and set new heights in scoring. This is a truly phenomenal achievement.

The Tactical Office salutes our new Baron Vanguard88.

Elite Dangerous Rule Changes

AD Silwar Naiilo

29 September, 2023 11:57
31 ABY

TIE Corps-wide competitions such as Raise the Flag are an are opportunity to take a peek at the dustier corners of our rulebooks. Elite Dangerous, although a newish platform, hasn't seen much activity until recently. During this time, we've discovered a couple of exploitable activities that would result in a disproportionate amount of Legions being earned.

To that end, we're banning Donation and Courier missions from being acceptable Legions of Skirmish submissions. These modes can be completed exceedingly quickly (press button, receive points) and don't promote the kind of activity we're looking for.

These changes have been discussed with pilots who have submitted these types of missions recently, who agree and are voluntarily withdrawing their PvE submissions (which will also remove some points from the RtF scoreboards.)

Once we've all caught our breath after Raise the Flag, we're also going to be taking a look at our Legion rules for Elite Dangerous in general; we've heard that submitting missions can be a little painful.

Let a TCCS member know if you have any questions or concerns.

New Training Office Exam

VA Sylas Pitt

26 September, 2023 23:18
31 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the activation of a new course, The Training Office Exam. The purpose of this exam is very similar to the Combat Operations Exam, educating members on the procedures, policies and regulations that dictate the work flow of the Training Office and to determine qualified individuals to serve in the Training Office, be it as an Assistant, a Professor, or a member of the Education Committee.

Many thanks go to VA Robert Hogan for his immense help in putting the exam together.

Check out the course here!

Star Conflict Eligibility Changes

AD Silwar Naiilo

26 September, 2023 17:02
31 ABY

We regularly review our current game platforms and their requirements. Games may have new modes introduced or retired, new games may be made available, and our activity tracking systems may need to be occasionally refreshed. After a TIE Corps Command Staff discussion, we agreed to make the following changes to the eligibility requirements for Star Conflict:

A combination of at least three (kills + objectives) are required for a Star Conflict PvE match.

That is to say, if you have 1 kill and 2 objective points, you're eligible; or 3 objectives and no kills; or 2 objectives and 1 kill. Please continue to enter the number of kills on the submission screen.

Please feel free to reach out to your favorite TIE Corps Command Staff member if you have any questions.

X-Wing Alliance (XWA) Patch ZIPs Updated

FA Turtle Jerrar

24 September, 2023 13:59
31 ABY

As of this morning I have updated all of the X-Wing Alliance (XWA) ship patches in the Patch Archive to correct the infamous "choice" bug on modern versions of Windows. The updated ZIPs are available through the patch archive while logged in.

The "Fly Imperial Fighters and Transports" patch for the original X-Wing game has also been updated.

Raise the Flag Bonus Rounds

AD Phoenix Berkana

20 September, 2023 19:59
31 ABY

Raise the Flag 23 has several bonus rounds, the scores for the first two have been compiled and can be found below!

LT Promotion in Theta Squadron

FA John T. Clark

20 September, 2023 15:51
31 ABY

For earning their first Legions of Combat in Star Wars - Squadrons, SL Kam Kinrai of Theta Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant!

Congratulations, LT Kam Kinrai!

LT Promotion in Kappa Squadron

FA John T. Clark

18 September, 2023 16:31
31 ABY

For earning a first set of Legions of Combat in Star Wars - Squadrons, SL Gabba Gabagool of Kappa Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Gabba Gabagool!

Master & Apprentice: A Special Look at Ahsoka

RA TheBlackxRanger

15 September, 2023 17:56
31 ABY

A special look at Ahsoka is now available for viewing on Disney+. With a runtime of 7 minutes, the episode takes you behind the scenes of how Ahsoka was created as a character in the Star Wars saga and Dave Filoni's journey as a Star Wars creator.

New Fiction Qualification: Graduate of Letters and Arts

VA Sylas Pitt

12 September, 2023 01:43
31 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the activation of the next Graduate qualification available for members to earn - the Graduate of Letters and Arts!

Focusing on art, fiction, and lore, this Graduate qualification encourages a greater understanding of the history of the Star Wars universe and proficiency in written English, focusing on fiction. As a part of this qualification, members completing the thesis will write an original fiction exploring their character and the Emperor's Hammer at-large!

LT Promotion in Sin Squadron

FA John T. Clark

05 September, 2023 16:03
31 ABY

For completing the TCCORE IU course and giving us an in-depth view of them in their INPR, SL Derek Igner of Sin Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Derek Igner!

LT Promotion in Sin Squadron

FA John T. Clark

05 September, 2023 16:01
31 ABY

For earning their first Legions of Skirmish, SL Charlie Halcorr of Sin Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Charlie Halcorr!

LT Promotion in Theta Squadron

FA John T. Clark

05 September, 2023 15:58
31 ABY

For earning their first Legion of Combat, SL Alton Sureshot of Theta Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Alton Sureshot!

LT Promotion in Typhoon Squadron

FA John T. Clark

05 September, 2023 15:55
31 ABY

For completing the TCCORE IU course at an impressive 100% and giving us in-depth knowledge about them in their INPR, SL Jagged Fell III of Typhoon Squadron has been promoted to full Lieutenant.

Congratulations, LT Jagged Fell III!