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This legacy site is currently used for the Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood and Imperial University/IWATS only. Please visit the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps site for primary TIE Corps operations in Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and others. You may also access the Emperor's Hammer Discord Server which is the primary club communication platform in use.

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There are many groups that make up the Emperor's Hammer, they vary from troops to dark jedi warriors, to planetary governors. Below is the current list of groups in the Emperor's Hammer

Bounty Hunter's Guild (BHG) - Inactive

Corporate Division (CD) - Inactive

Dark Brotherhood (DB)
Dark Brotherhood Banner
The Brotherhood of the Dark Jedi is the subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer which concentrates on the mystical ways of the Dark Side of the Force. ANY member of the Emperor's Hammer (even if you are already in the TIE Corps or one of the other EH Subgroups) may join the Brotherhood without a second email address...! These Dark Jedi gain Force powers, Rank within their Order, the right to bear Lightsabers at EH functions, Medals, Membership/Leadership in a Dark Jedi House or Clan, and prestige as they contribute to the Brotherhood. (game platforms: Jedi Knight, X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, XWing Alliance, Jedi Knight II, Galactic Battlegrounds, Jedi Academy, Star Wars RPG and Member-submitted fiction).

Directorate (DIR) - Inactive
Directorate Banner
The Directorate's primary mission is to both secure and help develop planets and colonies to service the Emperor's Hammer. Planetary Governor's and their staff officers oversee the political and economic development on every EH aligned planet and colony, ensuring that peace and stability exist, while also ensuring that the EH is provided whatever resources and tools it needs to continue. Since the fall of the Empire at the Battle of Endor, the Directorate has been the primary means by which the EH secures and protects its citizens and territories. With vast defense and system fleets, the Directorate is able to respond to all emergencies and contingencies immediately and efficiently. Through trade and politics, the Directorate keeps the vital resources and goods flowing throughout the entire EH territory, while ensuring that the civilian populations on each colony and planet are well cared for and kept secure. (game platforms: Diplomacy, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, and Star Wars Rebellion).

Fringe (Fringe) - Inactive
Fringe Banner
The Emperor's Hammer focuses on the Star Wars Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) Star Wars Galaxies. The "adventures" take place online in the always running MMORPG where you create and personalize your own character/avatar in both appearance, style and profession. (game platform: Star Wars Galaxies).

Hammer's Fist (HF) - Inactive
Hammer's Fist Banner
The elite Stormtroopers of the Emperor's Hammer. These troopers consist of highly trained Imperial Stormtroopers that perform special operations for the Fleet. Feared throughout the galaxy, only the best recruits become a member of the Hammer's Fist. (main game platforms: Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi OutCast, Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns Expansion, Total Annihilation - SW Mod).

Imperial Senate (IS) - Inactive

Infiltrator Wing (IW) - Inactive

TIE Corps (TC)
TIE Corps Banner
The selected elite TIE Fighter Pilots that battle with the Rebel forces (i.e. other online clubs) in X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and TIE Fighter competitions/battles. Although all Pilots must first meet the strict entrance requirements, they serve the Imperial Navy as the most elite and highly trained starfighter pilots in the Outer Rim Territories. Entering pilots must first apply and submit a pilot file for review and then be appointed a Position in the Fleet. The online (XWing vs TIE Fighter) players will find very useful information at the Combat Operations Office. (game platforms: TIE Fighter , TIE Fighter CD, XWing vs TIE Fighter, and XWing Alliance). Come visit us at tc.emperorshammer.org

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