Directorate Operations Manual


Identification (ID) Lines are signatures structured from unit, position and rank abbreviations to communicate member information at the end of any and all emails and message board postings. Although members are given their initial ID line when they join, medal awards, promotions, and transfers will all require adjustments at some point to the line in a member's career. Therefore, it is necessary that all members understand the structure of their ID lines so that they may alter it when necessary. However, members can usually find their ID line on their Directorate member profiles. ID lines must be used in all official Directorate communications.

Directorate ID lines are made up of components divided by forward slashes, in the following order:

Position/Rank + Name/Planet/System/Sector
Medal1/Medal2/Medal3 (in order of importance) [DGA-courses]

Example #1:

RG/DK Ronin/Osiris/Setii/Alpha Sector
MS/SoDx3/SotAx4/SotCx2/SotS/SotT/MoRx1/OVx13 [DGA-CORE]

Members of the Ministry Council replace Planet/System/Sector with "Aurora".

Example #2:

GMF/DK Czulvang Lah/Aurora
MS/SoDx3/SotAx4/SotCx2/SotS/SotT/MoRx2/OV [DGA-CORE-INO-SWGB]




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