Imperial Storm VI

Common Operational Picture

Last update: Turn 30 (2024-03-18 14:00 hrs)


About the Campaign
Imperial Storm is a turn based war game that the Emperor's Hammer runs annually. During the event, the Battlegroups will conduct combat operations to identify and destroy enemy forces. Whilst the Battlegroups navigate their fleets around the map, combat which occurs when enemy forces are encountered is decided by the accumulation of winning multiplayer matches and performance in a selected Single Player mission over a 48 hour period. Meanwhile, agents of the Secret Order work to acquire assets and form contacts, working to increase the fleet’s overall combat efficiency.

Imperial Storm Survey

AD Phoenix Berkana

15 April, 2024 23:59
32 ABY

The Imperial Storm survey will remain open until the 18th. If you have any comments please get them in!

Survey here

Imperial Storm Survey

AD Phoenix Berkana

06 April, 2024 08:44
32 ABY

With the completion of Imperial Storm last month we are are in the process of running a survey. Please let me know your thoughts here as they will feed into future iterations of the game: here.

The above link will be active for the next fortnight.