IO Report # 0 (2000-07-01)

This report was submitted by AD Turtle

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This is the Internet Office report for 1 July, 2000.

I'm going to make it brief this week since I'm just about to leave town for the weekend.

-Team EH CS server upgraded to HL
-WEHR Presents: Bob Marley posted at
-IMAP support installed on mail servers
-New WEHR sessions of The Imperial Voice and WEHR Rap
-An archive of pevious SOTWs is now stored on

This weeks SOTW is Thunder Squadron, Congrats!

The EH Greeting Cards center is currently under construction and may be available for beta testing late next week.

Finally, I would like to announce the appointment of my new IOA, Lieutenant Alex Foley. Some of you may know Foley from WEHR. I would like to welcome him to the Internet Office staff.

Thats it for this week.

IO/AD Turtle/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign (Kngt)

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