IO Report # 0 (2000-07-14)

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This is the Internet Office report for 14 July, 2000.

The IO's hosting service now has PostgreSQL Database support. PostgreSQL is one of the many database types that can be used with PHP. To learn more about PostgreSQL, go to the home site at: The PostgreSQL specific PHP calls and functions can be found here:

WEHR finally recieved a proper setup of RealServer on the server. Real Audio files are no longer served off of the HTTP server. This will fix the problem people had with rewinding, and fast forwarding a real audio file that was on my http server. I will now be able to compile RealAudio files for multiple connection speeds into just one multi-rate file. RealServer also makes it easier for me, or other WEHR DJ's to do live presentations.

New WEHR shows include WEHR Presents: John Williams, Part One and WEHR Presents: Metallica. There is also a new premiere weekly show, The Imperial Voice. Check them out now at

Other then that, it's been a pretty slow week in the IO. Work slowly continues on the IGC. I'm desperately in need of someone to do a few border graphics for the interface. Please contact me immediately at if you'd like to help.

This week's Site of the Week is Inferno Flight II, Congrats to Inferno aned Captain Calvin Nunb, the site's creator.

Ambassador Admiral Turtle Jerrar (Ret. Praetorian)
Internet Officer, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet

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