IO Report # 0 (2000-09-08)

This report was submitted by AD Turtle

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This is the Internet Office report for 8 September, 2000.

1. service upgrades are coming soon. VA AbsoluteK and myself are currently in the process of implementing redundant power supplies, memory upgrades, and system backups.

2. New features and look coming shortly to the Internet Office site. Stay tuned for updates.

3. The most recent IO news can always be viewed on the Internet Office site,

-EH Internet Office:
-EH Picture Archive:
-EH Visual Arts Gallery:
-EH WebRing:
-EH Message Boards Center:

This week's SOTW is the ISD Immortal, at Congrats to the crew and staff of the Immortal!

Ambassador Admiral Turtle Jerrar (Ret. Praetorian)
Internet Officer, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet
IO-TCS/AD Turtle/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign (Kngt),
BS/PCx2/ISMx6/MoI/LoC-CSx6/MoC-6B/OV-3E/CoB {IWATS-IIC/1/2/3-M/1/2-SM-GFX}

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