IO Report # 2 (2000-12-08)

This report was submitted by AD Absolutek


It’s been a pretty quiet week for the Internet Office. I’ve been busy wrapping up major projects for college, so I haven’t really gotten much done for the EH this week. On with the report though!

This week, I managed to design a new graphic banner for the EH Internet Office. This one will replace the ancient banner that has been used for the IO since before I joined the club. This new banner is in the PNG graphics format, and can be downloaded from If anybody wishes to design some nice stylish banners for the Internet Office, I’m willing to award up to a PC for them.

This week’s poll on the question “What is the best EH ship?” received over 300 votes, and over 50 comments. Thereby making it the most voted on, and most commented poll I’ve ever put up on the IO website. At the time this report was written, the SSSD Sovereign had a narrow lead over the SSD Avenger. I’ve put up a new poll on the IO website this Friday evening entitled “Which is the best EH bot?”. And to those of you who requested a recount of the votes from the previous poll, your request is denied. This is a military dictatorship, not a warped U.S. democracy. :-p

I know I’ve been harping on this for over a month now, but so far, it seems that not that many people have really noticed. Only 49 people have signed up for web hosting on my new server out of 300. Being 1st come, first served, I hope people don’t get too upset when they realise that they don’t have a nice place to host their stuff anymore because they were too lazy to fill out the form at If you are one of the people that has a web site, email, or email list hosted on my current server, you must fill out the form at to have a chance to continue to receive hosting after I move. I’d urge you to do it immediately because I will start to transfer sites over during this coming week.

I’ve begun to start planning on the “EH Links Database” project which I mentioned in my last report. Some of the features that this site will have will include a “Yahoo!” style categorized linking system. This will mean that links will be organized into main categories, then into sub categories therein. This links database will also be integrated into the “EH Web ring” which will likely be completely re-written. I’d like to include an indexing & search feature into the “EH Links Database”, but I’m not sure if this will be very feasible given the limitations on my account. I would very much be interested in hearing comments from other EH members, on what they would like to see in the “EH Links Database”

After securing permission from COMM Kumba, I have decided to use the PHP scripts he uses for the EH Message Board System, for the IO website to host various message boards. One of which, will be dedicated to giving webmasters a forum to discuss topics such as HTML, ASP, PHP etc… Also, I plan to offer message board hosting to other entities in the EH, such as TIE Corps squadrons. I hope to have this setup within the next 2 weeks barring any unforeseen problems.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been reading this damned report for, the EH SOTW.

<Try to imagine a drum roll here>

This weeks EH Site of the Week award goes to: <insert dramatic pause> The EH Senate website at Congratulations to Orv Dessrx on a very nicely designed website. I would also like to thank all the people who submitted their sites for EH SOTW this week as well. Keep working hard, and eventually, you’ll get EH SOTW.

IO/AD AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!

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