IO Report # 0 (2000-06-23)

This report was submitted by VA Absolutek

As emailed to GA Ronin...


Earlier this week AD Turtle's server went off line (some how i had a psychic revelation that this would happen). Unfortunately since he is away training with the Army, he could not fix it. So we will have to wait till he gets back to have him fix it. In the mean time, I have re-routed the DNS servers for my domains back to my server which is where it will likely stay.
The IO's web hosting service is getting PHP 4.0 support this weekend. For a brief overview of the new version, check out For all the people who use PHP3 scripts on my server, they need not worry because I'm still going to have PHP3 supported, but I'm going to highly suggest that you make sure your scripts have a .php3 extension if they use PHP3. And of course, if you use PHP4, your scripts should have a .php4 extension.

I've been busy coding PHP for the new "EH Visual Arts Gallery" hopefully I'll get it done next week while I'm on my reading week break from college. I still need people to submit their graphic works for the site. Right now I have had a few submissions, but not many. Once the "EH Visual Arts Gallery" is up, I will integrate a copy of Kumba's wonderful message board software with the IO site and offer message boards to the EH for use by the smaller groups such as squadrons and flights. Work on the "EH Greeting Card Centre" is on hold until AD Turtle gets back.

I will also be posting a new version of my "Setting up Apache & PHP under Win32" tutorial on the IO site next week, since it has proved somewhat popular with the EH membership, and to fix a few errors some people had with installation. The PHP Webring software that me and Turtle coded will be available next week at for anybody that needs to setup a webring, for whatever purpose under the terms of the GPL.
WEHR the EH web radio station, will be merging with EEK! (Empire Entertainment Kompany!) which will hopefully be providing a range of entertainment for the EH members.

This week, the IO site surpassed 15,000 hits, and our IO poll on "Who is the most evil?" got over 100 votes, and the EH membership declared "Steve Case of AOL" the most evil from the choices presented.
This weeks SOTW is the BHG's Kabal Authority site at: Congratulations to Adjunct Kal-Ket on a most excellent site!
I'm also going to be inspecting all EH sites this weekend, so everyone better have the "EH Copyrights & Disclaimers" and "Privacy Policy" linked on their page.

Respectfully submitted by,

CA:IO/VA Absolutek/CA-5/SSSD Sovereign

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