IO Report # 0 (2000-07-07)

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This is the Internet Office report for 7 July, 2000.

Three new WEHR sessions have been posted. Session 8 of The Imperial Voice,
as well as two new sessions of WEHR Presents: Puff Daddy & Mase and Weird
Al. These sessions, along with all other WEHR programs, can be found on the
WEHR web site:

The Raptor.Nu server, which hosts the EH Message Boards and EHNet DNS (among
other things) was recently upgraded with a new 350mhz AMD K6-2 processor and
64 megabytes of SDRAM. This should result in a signifigant increase in speed
during busy hours. Other recent improvements include: upgrade to the 2.2.16
kernel, improved security logging and portscan detection.

The EH Greeting Card center now has an official name, the "Imperial
Greetings Center" (IGC). Coding of the IGC is currently on hold while we
attempt to design a snazzy, easy to navigate interface for the system. If
anyone would like to help with this, or any other stage of the IGC
construction, please contact AD Turtle,

The EH WebRing was completely checked for broken links this week. Only two
sites were removed. The adult-oriented sites that were added earlier in the
week have also been deleted. If I continue to have any problems with this
type of thing, new sites submitted to the WebRing will require
administrative approval. (As a side note, everyone should know that your IP
address and ISP are recorded when you add a site to the ring.)

afoley23 writes "Alex Foley has donated a new domain to the fleet! is now available for hosting, e-mail, and mailing lists.
The only catch is that we would like all websites on to be
for a Star Destroyer in the TIE Corps or subgroups. Thanks!"

Finally, this weeks SOTW is Kappa Squadron,

Ambassador Admiral Turtle Jerrar (Ret. Praetorian)
Internet Officer, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet

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