IO Report # 19 (2001-04-07)

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IO News

After a few hours of fixing code, and removing bugs (most of them by a certain former CA:IO), the Emperor's Hammer WebRing is fully functional again. People can add their websites, and I can delete them if they happen to be dead. I spent some time removing quite a few dead ring sites from the list, and updating others. I would encourage everybody to list their website(s) on the EH WebRing which can be located at:

I am in need of people to create graphics specifically for use in greeting cards. The kind of graphics I'm looking for should include some sort of message appropriate for a greeting card. Some uses of greeting cards on the Emperor's Greeting Card Centre (EH:GCC) could be, but are not limited to:

-Challenging another to a contest
-Rubbing in a defeat
-Sending holiday cheer
-Recruiting a non-EH friend

Since the relative lack of choices for EH:GCC graphics, I'm offering a minimum of an ISM per graphic that is chosen to be posted on the EH:GCC. Please submit any graphic submissions, or ideas for the EH:GCC to FA AbsoluteK (

I'am seeking EH members to help write news submissions for the EH Internet Office website. News submissions can include anything that is EH, Internet, Technology, and other stuff that would be interesting to the EH membership. Those people who are interested in writing news submissions/articles for the IO, should check out the list of topics ( they can write for, and submit news via an online form at: I would encourage people wanting to submit news to first, get a user login so that I can properly gather stats on who is submitting the most news, and award them appropriatly.

The advertisement banner that used to be on the bottom of the IO website to help pay for all the hosting i provide, has been removed due to the fact that the advertising company no longer provides the free services that were available at the time i signed up (site stats, usage info). This should also speed up the loading of the pages by people with high speed Internet connections.

Since SA Kawolski didn't show up for the EH Meeting today, I got to host the meeting for the first time (as I was the highest ranking officer present). The meeting log has been posted on the IO website at:

The IWATS course on Visual Basic Script (VBS) as run by my Command Attache, VA Ari, has reached a milestone of 50 graduates under his watch. HA Astatine has seen fit to award him the Gold Star of the Empire. Congratulations Ari! I hope he will keep up the hard work and continue to see graduates flow through the course.

On a related note, I'm going to rewrite the PHP courses for IWATS in hopes of greatly improving upon the previous course written by RA Ian which contained many holes in the learning process.

I have purchased the domains, and for use by the Hammer's Fist Subgroup. Unfortunately, they are still having DNS issues related to, and will not resolve.

For those of you who use ICQ, you may have noticed that the latest versions now have banner Ads in them (a sad moment in ICQ history), to remove them go here for instructions:

Internet Office Poll

A new poll has been posted on the Internet Office website entitled "What is the best pet?", you can go vote on it here:

Internet Office Websites Status

Internet Office ( - Operational:
-I changed some colours this week to help spice up the site a little bit :-)
-The advertisement banner at the bottom has been removed.

WebRing ( - Operational:
-Sites can now be added and deleted properly.

Images Archive ( - Operational

VBScript IWATS Course ( - Operational:
-Reached a milestone of 50 graduates this week.

Greeting Card Centre ( - Operational:
-In need of more graphics.

Emperor's Hammer Site of the Week (EH:SotW)

This weeks EH:SotW award goes to... dramatic pause... The ISD Vanguard website ( by COM/RA Ender mBind (

Respectfully submitted,

IO/FA AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
"C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!"

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