IO Report # 74 (2003-01-17)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

January 17 , 2003

Internet Office News

First off, I'd like to extend a welcome to a new member of the IO team, IOA/CP Thorin Oakenshield! Since AD Turtle is on a 9-month extended leave, CP Thorin will be taking his place and hopefully will bring some valuable ideas to the IO. As of now, I will not accept anymore IOAs for quite a while (unless a current one starts slacking off :P). Thorin is CEO of the Imperial Broadcasting Company in the CD, and hopefully he will assist us in making the EH Radio an official COMM-IO project as was originally intended.

EH Site Redesign is progressing; we have one current design from VA Keldorn, and another one coming soon from Alex Foley. AD Leeson will be deciding on a final design in conjunction with me, and then we will begin to populate it.

With SA Astatine's new ban on creation of newsletters, the Auroran News Network, which many people submitted articles for and was slated to be revived soon, will not. Instead, articles that were submitted to us will be passed on to SA Astatine as submissions for the EH Newsletter on the author's behalf.

The Internet Office is looking into the possibility of creating an EH Wargame simulation game. Nothing is certain yet and it may very well not happen, but I thought I'd let you know :P

The EH Images Archive is now back up and functioning, thanks to FA AbsoluteK. You can access it at, but will still redirect you there.

I've also been looking into some updates for Sabacc Online. I'm currently doing some research as to the feasibility of a multiplayer system. While I once had the idea, it seemed very impractical in terms of implementation. But now I think I've thought of another possible approach. If anyone knows if it's possible to create a server program in PHP for a server/client game system setup, with the server programmed to listen to sockets for incoming connections, please let me know.

IOAs CyberGuy and Jam3z, while (still) waiting for required materials for the Shadow Academy site, have begun discussing creating a project similar to Alex Foley's Squadfirst project. They would like to create a system that will provide officers with a default PHP template for their own office, including news and reports, etc. Hopefully this will become a service easily available with MinosNIC hosting.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the Office of the Chancellor by P:CHAN Knight Camile ( You can find this 4 star site at

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What tentative IO project would you like to see the most?

  • Multiplayer Sabacc
  • EH Wargame simulation
  • Revival of GalaxyQuest
  • Squadron/Office site template
  • COMM-IO EH Radio


Code Snippet of the Week

Custom Scrollbars

A CSS snippet by Dae Cam that will guide you on how to make cool colored scrollbars!

You can find the full code for this snippet, along with many others, at the IO Code Archive!



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