IO Report # 77 (2003-02-07)

This report was submitted by AD Bevel Leeson

February 7 , 2003

Internet Office News

Alex Foley will finish the Squadron First project next week. All Tie Corps Squads will be able to setup a homepage which complies with TC internet guidelines with it.

A new and interesting project of the IO office is nearing completion. It will be a place for all EH artwork. The site is called hammerART it will replace the submittted graphics art part of the IO Image Archive.

Internet Officer, FA Ari, will be reworking all hosted sites to comply with register_globals set to off.

The redesign of is progressing nicely. We will soon have a template to send in to the Grand Admiral.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW award goes to the COMM Office site at Congrats to FA Absolutek ( on his 4 star site.

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

Should a credits system be implemented EH-wide?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, so I can win everyone's money in MP Sabacc!
  • Yes, so I can invest in the CD Stock Market
  • Nah, what use would they be anyway?


In Service of the Emperor's Hammer,

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GSx2/SSx3/BSx5/ISMx4/IS-1BR-1SW/LoC-Rx1/CoE/CoL/LoAx2/OV-2E [LANC]
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