IO Report # 1 (2005-02-26)

This report was submitted by VA Lenvik

Internet Office Weekly Report

Internet Office Weekly Report #1 - 26 February 2005

Greetings members of the Emperor's Hammer. My name is Lenvik and I address you as the newly appointed Internet Officer of the Emperor's Hammer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank GA Astatine for appointing me to this position. I hope I shall be able to bring lots of new and interesting ideas and services to the Emperor's Hammer during my tenure in this position.

The Internet Office shall be reformed over the coming weeks to provide the best possible opportunities for the membership. As such, I am opening the position of Internet Officer Assistant for Web Site Layout. Applications will close within a week or two, and applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent ability in creation of web site graphics.
  • Able to work on call to create graphics layouts for Internet Office sites and other EH sites on call and to specification.
  • Easy to work with, good communication skills.
I'm also initiating a feedback project, in which I would like to receive feedback on Internet Office projects past and present, what you have and haven't liked about how the Internet Office has worked over the past, and basically where you would like the Internet Office to head in the future. Details below in the IO projects section.


My first week as Internet Officer brings much news. Operation: Audit has begun, in which all sites in the Emperor's Hammer will be subject to an official audit. Details of this are in the projects section. An Internet Office site will be constructed soon. Other projects I am currently working on are the Imperial Senate site recode and the Project: Condor Datapad.

As far as Operation: Audit is concerned, I've been auditing the official EH Domain (located at There will be some interesting news regarding this site in the coming weeks.

Site of the Week

No site of the week this week as it is my first week as Internet Officer. I ask you, the membership of the Emperor's Hammer, to submit sites that you believe are worthy of a site of the week award. To qualify as site of the week, a site should look alright (doesn't need uber graphics to win though), have plenty of relevant information about the particular unit or function, and is updated regularly.

Internet Office Projects

Internet Office Tasks List 2004/2005

  • Image Archive: The Image Archive will be re-released in the coming months.
  • Holonet awards: The HoloNet awards will be in May, if things go according to schedule. Look forward to some new categories for your site to win.
  • Open sourcing IO projects: Most future Internet Office projects will be open source, ie. the source code will be available to download.
  • More member-orientated projects: More on this soon. I shall be reviewing and making suggestions regarding the IO IWATS courses to Stuart and his related PROFs.
  • Expansion and addition on projects that help members become more skilled about web design such as the Code Archive: The next release of SquadFirst will be modular, allowing PHP enthusiasts to write extra or updated functions for SquadFirst and upload them to a repositry of SquadFirst mods. Interested users will be able to download these and copy the file in and add the addition using the control panel of squadfirst.
  • Updating of SquadFirst code to take into account the new TIE Corps site URL: SquadFirst will receive an update soon including modularity (as above) and updated functions and links.
  • Coordinate with Communication and Executive Offices in porting ELS system to ASP: Suspended; pending review.

Contact the Internet Office

Feel free to contact me relating any Internet Office related issues you may have, including ideas and feedback etc (see Talk to the IO project). You can contact me at via email, or with the nicks Lenvik or Iodine (or a variant of the aforementioned nicks) on most official EH channels on UnderNet. An Internet Office site shall be up soon where feedback can be given.

Internet Office Links

Closing Comments

Please participate in the IO feedback competition so as I can tailor projects to EH needs. Prepare your sites for auditing, and prepare for lots of useful and fun IO projects in the near future!

Submitted By:

Internet Officer Vice Admiral Lenvik

IO/VA Lenvik/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign

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