IO Report # 6 (2004-06-05)

This report was submitted by AD Robert Dura

Internet Officer Report #6 - June 5th, 2004

-- News --

Slow week this week, it found me mainly learning how to use Object Oriented Programming techniques with PHP. Fielding a few questions relating to HTML and PHP from members on IRC. Additionally I have been in talks with several SGs in how to best establish a backup routine that fits the needs of the EH with the need for data security.

This week sees the end of the primary voting period for the EH Holonet Awards. With a total of 360! votes spread out between 11 categories voted on by 37 people.
The Top Three (in no particular order) for Each Category are as follows:

* Best Overall: Tarentum Website, Intelligence Division, Hammer's Fist
* Best Personal/Office: Science Office, Combat Operations Office, Academic Nexus
* Best Unit: House Gladius, ISD Grey Wolf, Tau Squadron
* Best Animation: Gray Wolf Secret Order of Monks, House Gladius, ATF Recruitment
* Best Banner: Wing XIII Banner, Tau Squadron Banner, House Gladius Banner
* Best Scene: SSL Viper Hybrid vs YT-1300, Run Scummy X-Wings, Aeishline Strathaven's Personal Craft
* Best Web Script: XPS, EHMN
* Best Content: ISD Grey Wolf, Grey Wolf Secret Order of Monks, Historical Institute of Tarentum
* Most Creative: Top Gun Academy, Grey Wolf Secret Order of Monks, Intelligence Division
* Most Entertaining: TCCC, EHMN, Tarentum Quiz'o'Landia
* Best Music: GWSOoM Rap

The Finals begin today. And will run untill Friday, June 11th 2004. The winners will be announced during the EH Meeting on Undernet IRC Network, in #emperor's_hammer at 1200EDT. A site must have recived atleast one vote to proceed to the finals, and must recive atleast one vote to place at the end of the finals. In the event of a tie I will contact a random member of the command staff that hasn't voted yet, to go vote.

-- Poll --

The past week's poll was "What Time of Day To Multiplayer (EDT)". There was a turnout of only 10 votes. 6pm to 10pm recived first place with 5 votes. 10pm to 2am and 2am to 6am both recived 2 votes each.

This weeks poll is:
"Your Most Anticipated Upcomming New Platform"
* Republic Commando
* SWG: Jump to Lightspeed
* SW Battlefront
* Star Wars KotOR II
* Imperial Alliance

-- Site of the Week --

This week's site of the week is the Sith High Warrior's Office. Congratulations to Timmat on creating this 5 star site. No complaints here, at all. Infact, I wish I was even close to this good with layout :P

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