IO Report # 124 (2004-01-02)

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Internet Office Report #124

January 2, 2004

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From everyone here at the Internet Office...HAPPY NEW YEAR, EMPEROR'S HAMMER!!!

And with the new year, the IO ushers in a slew of new things in time for New Year's AND the EH's upcoming 10th Anniversary!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome CM Rokin to the IO staff as our newest IOA. Rokin will be joining us primarily as a PHP coder and helping with development of all sorts of fun stuff!

Now onto the big news! This week I would like to officially announce the release of the much-anticipated IO project I've been coding the past few weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, EHNet's eXtensible Polling System (XPS) is now completed and available to the general public. XPS primarily serves as a means of "data collection" with lots of nifty features! The main page at has some helpful information. We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you read the XPS Help Manual since it's full of helpful information and is sure to answer 95% of any questions you can think of. Keep in mind - XPS isn't just for polls (that's why it's eXtensible!) - we encourage you to come up with your own uses for it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

For his hard work and dedication on the XPS project, IOA Xander Drax has been promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel (LC)!

More big news! ELS Display Names! That's right! Did your former MB handle get truncated? Not to worry! ELS now supports the display name feature - you can change yours at A few rules though: Your display name must be unique and no longer than 30 characters (either alphanumeric, spaces or underscores). You may only change your display name ONCE PER WEEK! Once you change your display name, the Message Boards will show that as your name. However, if you request message boards you must still supply your ELS username!

PLUS, even more news! The old message board data is now online in the Archived Message Board Data repository which you can view at! Please note that all the forums are LOCKED. You cannot post to them; the primary message board remains at However, for those of you who wish to view the old data, you can at the Archive. If you wish to continue a thread on the new MB, simply just paste a link that refers to the old topic you wish to continue in your post on the new MB.

This week was the last week for the SOTW Bonanza! competition. However, since this week's SOTW is the IO's newly released XPS project, I will be forgoing the IS-SR. Look for more SOTW Bonanza! competitions in the future!

:: [ Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week ] ::

This week's SOTW is the IO's brand new eXtensible Polling System at, coded by myself (HA Ari) and layout design by LC Xander Drax. A 5 star site, if I do say so myself! :P

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What do you think of the eXtensible Polling System?
  • I love it, it's just what I needed!
  • It's great, definitely a service the EH needs!
  • It's nice, but I don't want to take the time to read the manual
  • It's just okay, nothing special
  • I have no interest in it
  • I haven't tried it out yet!
    Vote for your choice at!
  • Internet Officer: HA Ari
    Command Attache: FA Bevel Leeson
    Command Assistant: AD Turtle
    Command Assistant: RA Drako
    Command Assistant: LC Xander Drax
    Command Assistant: CM Rokin

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