IO Report # 117 (2003-11-14)

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Internet Office Report #117

November 14, 2003

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Overall, it's been a quiet week. However our main projects come closer and closer to completion.

FA Leeson has reported to me that he has completed rewriting the MP Sabacc server code so that it is object-oriented - which means that we can use the same server code for different applications, including the EH-Zone I mentioned previously in my reports. Also, he says that all that remains is the client-side game logic. What does that mean? That means within 2-3 weeks we will begin beta testing Multiplayer Sabacc! Exciting, no?

Speaking of Sabacc, this week Sabacc Online was upgraded to version 2.4 with two small updates - it fixes the method of scoring to take the absolute value of the total (i.e. a -19 beats a 5 now), and it also temporarily disables linking to BHG credits (at Koral's request). Note that MP Sabacc will support BHG credits. Also, I have begun talking with the CD about reinstating the iBank into Sabacc - and possibly even linking iBank with the EHNet Login System.

XPS is making progress: Xander Drax is nearly done with the design, and I've completed all the base classes and have begun coding of the actual script. The advantage to doing the base classes beforehand means that the actual poll scripts are much easier to write, so at the latest it will be done in 2 weeks (depending on how much free time I have).

Also, I need people to send me combinations of colors and fonts that would work well for default poll styles. Send them to

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This week's SOTW is the Intelligence Division website at Congrats to Drako on his 5 star site!

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