IO Report # 106 (2003-08-29)

This report was submitted by HA Ari

August 29, 2003

:: [ Internet Office News ] ::

HA Ari is on leave until Wednesday, 3 September (night). Until then, I will be taking his place. Please direct any IO matters to myself ( and HA Ari.

As usual, work on EHW continues this week. More information about the progress of this project will be made public shortly.

I'm beginning to lay the groundwork for an enhanced MinosNIC web hosting service, which will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5/month and include some upgraded service options. Hosting income will be used to help defray the costs of running the service. More specific details should be available next week.

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:: [ Internet Office Staff ] ::

Internet Officer: HA Ari
Command Attache: FA Bevel Leeson
Command Assistant: AD Turtle
Command Assistant: MAJ Xander Drax
Command Assistant: MAJ Alex Foley
Command Assistant: CPT Drako

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