IO Report # 107 (2003-09-05)

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Internet Office Report #107

September 5, 2003

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Well, it's nice to be back, and I've had quite a nice time on vacation, getting adjusted to college and all. I'm quite having a lot of fun...feel free to ask if you see me on IRC, if you're interested.

Not much happening, just catching up on everything. Turtle's helped take care of a bunch of Minos trouble tickets. He's also been working on improving some of the login code that Minos runs which will streamline the system.

I'll also be getting back into the swing of coding EHW since my short leave distanced me from it a bit. I'll probably be finishing the EHWPlayer class and possibly starting EHWShip soon.

Alex Foley has changed his email address again, to something more permanent:

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This week's SOTW is The Citadel at which has been completely recoded (even though it retains the same old look) by Underlord Koral (, earning 5 stars!

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What has happened to all the EH SWG addicts?
  • They haven't slept in days
  • The sarlacc ate them
  • They found a hot Twi'lek chick (or Zabrak guy)
  • They're busy crafting the next Death Star
  • They just had no life to begin with
  • They got nerfed
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