IO Report # 105 (2003-08-22)

This report was submitted by HA Ari

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Internet Office Report #105

August 22, 2003

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Look, up there! It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's another Internet Office Report!

The LO and TAC have confirmed that their sites are functional, with the new URLs at and respectively.

Congratulations to MAJ Alex Foley who was awarded the GOE this week for his work on SquadFirst+ among other things. Also, his e-mail address has changed to:

I've reviewed a new IWATS course proposal on website layout and it looks good, so look for it coming soon, pending the TO's approval!

Other than that, I've been hard at work coding EHW as much as I could this week since I might not have so much time later on. I've been working with CPT Amadeo on the planets class and it's mostly done. Some finishing touches need to be done to the player class, and then we start the ship class. Once all the classes are done, we will set up the database and begin active testing of each individual function.

Please note: I will be on leave next week from Thursday (morning), August 28 until Wednesday (night), September 3 because I'll be moving into college. FA Leeson will also be unavailable during that period, and AD Turtle will be busy. MAJ Foley is on leave till mid-September. Therefore, MAJ Xander Drax will likely write next week's report. However, if things may change and Leeson or Turtle may become available, they will cover for me in my absence instead.

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This week's SOTW is the new home of the Fleet Medical Corps at Congrats to CM Bryan ( on his 4 star site.


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