IO Report # 63 (2002-11-01)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

November 1 , 2002

Internet Office News

Work is moving along nicely in the IO this week! IOA Alex Foley finished some images for the EH Counter Service which is slated to be released next week!

Alex has also completed another site for Hawkeye 2. Leeson is hard at work on perfecting the trailer (he's got 48 seconds out of a minute complete) and it's coming along nicely.

Recently, I've been contacted by several people about my Sabacc Online game. I'm going to explore some possible venues we can use to promote the EH via Sabacc, since I know a large part of the online Star Wars community knows about Sabacc 2.2.

I've just successfully narrowed down where a widespread KLEZ virus among the CS is coming from. A notice has been issued to the infectee. Thanks to FA Brad for his consistent watch and forwarding headers to me.

Just a note, in case you haven't realized yet, avatars are available on the EH Message Boards, largely thanks to LO AbsoluteK. To set your own avatar, click the "Profile" like at the top, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the "Show gallery" button.

Finally, I'd like to express my deepest sympathies and condolances to GA Ronin upon the loss of his dear friend and EH-assistant Joe Kane. GN Kane was instrumental in making the EH what it is today. My salute to you, General, sir.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the House Archanis site at It's a nice modification on the PHP-Nuke web portal system. Congrats to DJK Draggore ( on earning a 4 star site!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What's the most effective training system in the EH?

  • Academy of Tactics
  • Shadow Academy
  • Imperial University
  • The Citadel
  • They should all be combined into one system


Code Snippet of the Week

Mass Include

A quick PHP script by Leeson that provides a way to include lots of files into your PHP scripts.

You can find the full code for this snippet, along with many others, at the IO Code Archive!



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