IO Report # 57 (2002-09-20)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

September 20 , 2002

Internet Office News

Well, big news this week. Of course, the biggest is going down. Details about this are posted on as well as Basically, CrystalTech shut down the site for using too much resources, even though we were paying for their use. We've managed to get them to allow us till Monday to back up old information, but we are currently searching for a new host. I've found several options and suggested them, but if you'd like to do your own research, the host must fit the criteria listen on and should cost no more than $50-60/month.

As a result of these complications, a new rule has been added to the Internet Guidelines. Sites may not host with CrystalTech. I am currently only aware of one site that does, but I think there may be one or two more. If you know of any, please let me know so I can make sure the site owners move it off ASAP. For sites with CT hosting, I'll give a grace period of 2-3 weeks to move your site off to another host. Any questions, contact me.

We've been working a little more on ANN, but with the unexpected collapse of, it looks like we may need to push off the release date. I don't know when it will be released, but I promise it will be soon :P

Also, the release date for Hawkeye II will probably also be pushed off to somewhere around Nov. 1st. I'm sorry about all this, but due to all the holidays right around now and now with stuff has been really busy.

I'll be on leave from tonight till Sunday night, Leeson is in charge till then. Dae Cam has been on leave for a little bit, he should be returning by Monday. Turtle is on semi-leave busy with college and army stuff.

The old message boards that were hosted on the TC message center will begin to be moved Sunday night/Monday after the upgrade on EHNet's server by Koral is completed.

This upgrade means that EHNet will be down from 12:00 AM, till about 2:00 AM, so don't be surprised. This downtime is scheduled.

That looks to be it for now. Keep watching for more updates!

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's Site of the Week is the new Fringe website at Congrats to Gryffon ( and Orv Dessrx ( on their 5 star site!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What should be done about

  • Raid the CrystalTech compound with flamethrowers
  • Just hope a new host is found soon
  • Recode it to PHP
  • Go back to the good old pre-database C++ site!
  • Who needs a TC site when you have cheese wheels?
  • I'm not in the TC, so it doesn't matter to me


Code Snippet of the Week

Event Calendar

This PHP snippet by Gryffon will display events out of a database. Very useful for things similar to the Combat Calendar!

You can find the full code for this snippet, along with many others, at the IO Code Archive!



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