IO Report # 44 (2002-06-23)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

June 23 , 2002

Internet Office News

Okay - sorry for being kinda late on the report, but due to scheduling and computer problems, I wasn't able to access my computer on Friday and Saturday. Anyhow, LOTS OF NEWS this week!

Beginning with Project Hawkeye II, the design document has been completed! That means we now have the entire plotline and what all the missions will involve. After a few meetings with the Project Hawkeye staff, we will begin web development. This means I will be needing VOLUNTEERS for web and/or graphics work on Project Hawkeye II: Uprising. If you are interested in helping out, you must be CMDR+ (or equivalent) and by helping out you forfeit your chance to be accepted into the Hawkeye Agency. Of course, if you do good work, I will be sure to reward you. People who wish to work on web stuff: you must have good HTML skills, good English grammar and good creativity. If you are interested, please e-mail me ( with a sample web page or URL that you've done, as well as a piece of fiction (please make it a short one). For graphics, all you need to do is send me a sample graphic you've done - preferably 3D. Please note that I will only accept the best and most trustworthy to work on the development team - but if I do not accept you, do not be disheartened! Within two weeks probably I will have the parts ready for voice auditions for Project Hawkeye. Keep your eyes open!

Some people couldn't access MinosNIC this week - that's because the Minos server was upgraded. The register_globals option in PHP is now set to OFF. For the non-PHP developers on Minos, this means nothing. However, for you PHPers out there, that means instead of just using the standard names of variables in the headers, you must use the appropriate superarray. You can read more about this new behavior here. The reason for this upgrade, although inconvenient, is to increase security and data integrity. The link above provides some workarounds if your code is already too tightly interwoven with the old behavior.

The PHP IWATS course, written by RA Mutilator, has been completed (a while ago) and our new TO should have it available to the public very soon. The link for it will be included at the bottom of the IO Report as soon as it is released.

IOA Alex Foley returns from leave today, while IOA Turtle is on leave until the 29th.

CM Ender mBind has begun work on the development of actual TIE/XvT/XWA battles regarding Project Hawkeye I. Hopefully, he will continue to stick with us after Hawkeye II which promises to have an even more exciting set of missions that its predecessor.

Further trying to eliminate the KLEZ worm, if anyone receives a virus, please copy and paste the headers (if you are unsure how to view them, look in the help of your mail client) in an e-mail to me. I will do my best to track down the source and have them clean up their machine. If anyone recogizes the partial hostmask, please inform that person immediately that they have been infected with a virus (I myself have been receiving virii from them) and they should clear it up right away.

For those of you who may not yet know, the EH Greeting Cards Center is back up with 92 images available. Make use of it!

And the results you've all been waiting for - the EH Holonet Awards! You can view a full list of the results here, but in this report I will post only the first-place winners (who are CCed on the IO report) because everyone who's made it this far certainly deserves public recognition. Each category contains the site name and link, and the creator. Big congratulations go to Koral of the BHG and Nyssa of the DIR for being the only ones to win multiple first-place awards! For all winners and runners-up, you can see the medals table here. And here are the winners:

Overall Best Website
Tie Corps - SA Kawolski (

Best of Subgroup Website - Bounty Hunters Guild
Holonet - Koral (, Jernai ( , Oxxider (

Best of Subgroup Website - Corporate Division
Corporate Division Stock Exchange - VA Bevel Leeson (

Best of Subgroup Website - Dark Brotherhood
Clan Alvaak - Tron Sadow (

Best of Subgroup Website - Directorate
EH:GalaxyQuest - Nyssa Ardile (

Best of Subgroup Website - Hammers Fist
Hammers Fist - Zsinj (

Best of Subgroup Website - Intelligence Division
Academy of Tactics - FA Kermee (

Best of Subgroup Website - Imperial Senate
Imperial University - Keldorn (

Best of Subgroup Website - Infiltrator Wing
Infiltrator Wing - Mutilator (

Best of Subgroup Website - Tie Corps
Tau Squadron - Erich von Reinthaler (

Best of Subgroup Website - The Fringe

Best Personnel/Office Website
EHNet - Turtle Jerrar ( & Ari (

Best Animation - Macromedia Flash
Prelude to Andevia Trailer - SA Astatine (

Best Animation - Other

Best Still Scene Graphic
BHG Podracer - JediJawa (will not be receiving an award)

Best Banner Graphic
EHNet Message Board Banner - AbsoluteK (

Most Original/Creative Website
Mem Squadron Flight 2 - Titus (

Best Use of Scripting Technologies - PHP
BHG Roster - Koral (

Best Use of Scripting Technologies - ASP
Dark Brotherhood - DA Grail SoulChaser (

Best Use of Scripting Technologies - Other
EH:GalaxyQuest - Nyssa Ardile (

Best Content
Copperhead Flight 3 - LCM Jedi Eclipse (

Most Entertaining - Koral (

Best Music
MC-90 Warspite - NiksaVel (

Many congratulations to all the winners! I will be looking through the list of winners and runners-up to see if any are distinguished enough to receive CoEs. Medals will hopefully be in the mail tonight or tomorrow.

And that concludes the longest IO report ever! :-)

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

Simply marvellous use of PHP-Nuke can lead to a great site like the Office of the IWCOM at as displayed by NiksaVel ( Congratulations, your site gets SOTW and 5 stars!

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