IO Report # 36 (2002-04-26)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

April 26 , 2002

Internet Office News

It's been a bit quiet here lately - however I am happy to say that we finally have some of the Hawkeye II plot and I will begin to develop it further soon. Thanks to Darkfire and Armus for coming up with the idea.

The Banner Exchange has had lots of people signing up - make sure you do and put the banner code on your site! The link for the Banner Exchange is below.

MinosNIC updates from IOA/AD Turtle:

- Domain '' is now available for use on all MinosNIC services, being transferred over as well.
- Several small features, such as service statistics, are now available
- Numerous small code updates and cleanups made

As of 25 April 2002 15:25, MinosNIC has:

NIC Handles: 61
Redirects: 48
Hosting Accounts: 8
Web Site Hits: 3164

Now something very important I'd like to discuss. Recently there have been a lot of anti-IO comments on the polls lately. The purpose of the polls is to give you guys a chance to voice your opinion on a particular subject. However, turning every poll into an IO-bashing session is simply unacceptable. Sometime this week, I may alter the code so that you must be a registered user of EHNet in order to post comments on the poll. This is not tolerated among any levels of the Command Staff. This is the first and last warning to anyone who plans on posting anti-IO comments on EHNet. If you don't like our office, that's fine and you're entitled to your opinion; however, it is not acceptable to post such feelings on a public website, especially the Internet Office's own site.

Other than that, that's all for this week.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's site is one created by our own IOA/VA Leeson, the very impressive Corporate Division Stock Exchange at This site makes good use of PHP techniques and mathematical exchange algorithms, making it one of the best I've seen using PHP. Congrats, Lee!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

When will you see Episode II?

  • I can hardly wait! I'm camping at the theatre!
  • Looking forward, I'll see it a day or two after
  • I'll wait a few days because of the crowds
  • No big rush to see it, I'll wait a few weeks
  • Uninterested- I'll see it when it's out on VHS/DVD


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