IO Report # 6 (2001-01-05)

This report was submitted by AD Absolutek

Internet Office Report #6 (2001-01-05)


After prying myself away from Diablo II (yes, it’s addictive), I managed to get a lot of work done on the next version of the Emperor’s Hammer Visual Arts Gallery & Picture Archive (EH:VAG & EH:PA), which will be rolled into one site. I'll probably be calling it the “Emperor’s Hammer: Image Archive (EH:IA)” due to the number of people who voted for it on my poll at the IO site ( regarding a name for the combined EH:VAG & EH:PA. As of mentioned before, the EH:IA will have a refined user interface, faster loading times, and for me, a nicer administration console for the site. I hope to have the EH:IA up by tomorrow, at which time I will provide you with an updated link for the site which will replace the EH:VAG & the EH:PA.

Due to the limited space left on my hosting account, I am no longer accepting new account applications for web hosting (unless they are very, VERY, important websites). However, I'm still accepting applications for new Email accounts (using the domain), and have put the html form for it back up on the IO website.

The WEHR staff, Slicer & Devin are working on a new website, and should hopefully have it completed soon. At which time, I'll be sure to provide you with an updated link.

This week’s EH Site of the Week award goes to: The EH ASF website at Congratulations go out to Admiral Priyum ( on an excellent website.

Respectfully submitted,
IO/AD AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign

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