IO Report # 12 (2001-02-19)

This report was submitted by AD Absolutek


Appologies for this being late. I'm getting cable on the 15th of March, so I expect things to get more routine again at that time. ANyways, on to the report.

-Matir continues to work on the EH Links Database project.
-Quake is on leave because he's going to Canada.
-I'm working on a few bug fixes on the IO website dealing mainly with the administration aspect of the site.

This week's SOTW is the TIE Corps BattleCry Magazine website at in honour of the last issue (supposedly). Congrats go out to Werdna Elbee for maintaining a regular magazine, with a nice clean interface.

Respectfully submitted,
IO/AD Absolutek/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
"C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!"

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