IO Report # 4 (2000-12-23)

This report was submitted by AD Absolutek

Internet Office Report #4 (2000-12-23)

The big news this week in the IO, is the completion of the Emperor’s Hammer: Greeting Card Centre (EH:GCC). As you may or may not know, the EH:GCC was a project originally suggested by CPT Amadeo ( some 6 months ago, and after writing it down on the Internet Office Projects page (, the former IO, AD Turtle never did anything with it. I’m proud to say after a marathon night of coding, and drinking Coca-Cola, it is finally done. The EH:GCC is a website where EH members can send eCards to other EH’ers to send some holiday cheer, rub in a defeat, issue a challenge, recruit a non-EH friend or whatever else can be written up, and sent on a card, the EH:GCC is the way to do it in style! The EH:GCC website is located at I would like to thank IOA/RA Quake for contributing PHP code to this project, as well as several graphic submissions. If anybody can do graphics that would look good on a card, I’d like to have some graphic submissions for posting on the EH:GCC. People wishing to submit graphics for the EH:GCC, can send their submissions to

With the completion of the EH:GCC, this leaves me free to work on the EH Links Database, which as I’ve mentioned before, will be a Yahoo! style categorized links site. Another project that I will be working on will be the IO WAP site. Which will be the WAP enabled version of the Internet Office website at For those of you who are not familiar with WAP, it is the "Wireless Application Protocol". It us used by PDA devices such as cell phones to browse the Internet.

This week’s EH Site of the Week award goes to: <insert dramatic pause> the Emperor’s Hammer: Greeting Card Centre website at:

Respectfully submitted,
IO/AD AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!

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