IO Report # 3 (2000-12-16)

This report was submitted by AD Absolutek

Internet Office Report #3 (2000-12-16)


It was a busy week for me. First, I had several final exams to go to (as did others I’ve also heard). And I had to move out of my college residence, which means my server is finally offline after over 54 days of continuous uptime. Also, I celebrated my 21st birthday today, which added to further distractions. I would like to thank all those people who wished me a happy birthday, and sent me e-cards during the week.

I hope you don’t mind this report being a bit late Ronin for the above mentioned excuses.

I’ve just confirmed that most of my domains work, with the exception of, which I’m still waiting on NSI to get off their butts and change my contact email address so that I’m able to apply changes to that domain. I’ll be implementing the redirection database within the next couple of days, so I would like to ask that everybody remain patient for a few more days, and all will be well again.

I saw that Flight Officer Theodore mentioned in his report that several people are still using my domains other than for email. You must change your email to use an account off of continue to get email! Theodore will be happy to change your email account, you simply have to sign up for a new one at, or soon at when I get the email account sign-up forms online again. I’ll setup your email account ASAP, then you can all Spam Theodore with your requests.

I will resume coding of the EH Links Database as soon as I’m finished getting things ironed out with the new server, and hosting there.

This week’s EH Site of the Week award goes to: <insert dramatic pause> the Emperor’s Hammer Directorate website at

Respectfully submitted,
IO/AD AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!

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