IO Report # 18 (2001-03-31)

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IO News
This week i spent some time working on a new version of the EH WebRing. I'm trying very hard to keep compatibility with the old ring, so it is taking much more time than i had previously anticipated. One of the new features of the ring, will be a "random site" option, which will allow people to have the WebRing itself pick out a random site out of the list.

This week's IO Poll is by VA Ari, and has the question "When do you plan to see Star Wars: Episode II?". I'd like to remind EH members, that you can also go and suggest a poll to be run on the IO WebSite by filling out the online form at: If the poll you suggest gets picked to be posted on the IO website, you will receive a nice shiny ISM made from recycled alphabet fighters :-p

IO Websites Status
Office Site ( - Operational:
-I finally saw fit to give my CA:IO, VA Ari access to post news, and polls, hopefully he'll be able to help add more interesting content from around the EH, and the Internet.

WebRing ( - Operational, but with Issues:
-I still have not completed the bug fixes to the WebRing, so people will unfortunately not be able to add new websites to the ring. All current sites should still work out fine.

Images Archive ( - Operational:
-I added several new images this week, so it's worth checking out if you haven't in the last few days.

VBScript IWATS Course ( - Operational:
-VA Ari's course now has 43 total graduates, if you haven't completed the VBScript course yet, go check it out! :-)

Emperor's Hammer Site of the Week (SotW):
This weeks EH SotW award goes to the website of Wing I of the SSSD Sovereign as done by GN Wolly ( Go check it out at:

Anybody wishing to nominate, or suggest an EH website for the EH SotW, may do so by going to the IO Website, and filling out the form at

IO/FA AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
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