IO Report # 25 (2001-05-19)

This report was submitted by FA Absolutek


Internet Office News

The server is offline temporarily due to @Home problems.

The EH Holonet Awards announcement is being deferred until next weekends meeting because of my Internet problems.

Matir has been removed from IOA due to lack of activity.

Internet Office Poll

This week's poll is on "Favourite Method of Communication". You can go vote here.

Internet Office Websites Status

Internet Office ( - operational
WebRing ( - operational
Images Archive ( - operational
- New Images added!
VBScript IWATS Course ( - operational
Greeting Card Centre ( - operational

Emperor's Hammer: SotW (EH:SotW)

This week's SotW goes to a site, which has long deserved an EH SotW, but unfortunately i forgot about it. Without further delay, this week's SotW award goes to Jedi Jawa's personal home page at I think this is like his 4th or 5th site to win SotW, anyways, congrats JJ!!! :-)

Respectfully Submitted,
IO/FA AbsoluteK/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign
"C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!"

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