IO Report # 26 (2001-05-26)

This report was submitted by FA Absolutek


Internet Office News
New versions of the Apache Web Server, and PHP scripting language were released this week. The new version of Apache (v1.3.20) features numerous bug fixes for the Win32 port (95/98/ME & NT/2000), and can be downloaded here: The newest version of the PHP scripting language (v4.0.5), which features many numerous bug fixes, can be downloaded here: It is useful to have a copy of Apache & PHP loaded on your personal computer if you want to develop PHP code, especially when you don't want to connect to the Internet just to make a website and test it.

I'm currently in need of a "Internet Office" topic logo for the IO website. I need something that says "Internet", and "Emperor's Hammer" graphically (not in words). Members interested in submitting a graphic to me, should make a 300x300 pixel, and a 100x100 pixel sized versions in either high quality PNG or JPEG format. I will award a Palpatine Crescent (PC) to the person who submits the best graphic.

I'd like to inform people who have website accounts with me, that I do not want to see mirroring of things such as "mIRC", or "Real Player" in their web space provided by me. These are programs which already have adequate hosting elsewhere, and have no business taking up space on my account. If members want to mirror files that are already available elsewhere, please check with me for permission first. Members can also contact the Vice Prex of Propaganda, AD Quake if they need files mirrored, by sending an email to him at

I have setup a new account to host, which will be where the Internet Office will be "officially" located once again. The old link, will continue to work. Anybody who had an account on, will hopefully be getting their account put back online again this week.

Finally, I would like to say thank-you very very much to GA Ronin for awarding me the EH Medal of Honor. It definitely means a great deal to me. :-)

Internet Office Poll
The latest IO Poll entitled "What do you more?" is up on the IO Website, and can be voted on here.

Internet Office Websites Status
Internet Office ( - operational
WebRing ( - operational
Images Archive ( - operational
- New Images added!
VBScript IWATS Course ( - operational
Greeting Card Centre ( - operational

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week (EH:SotW)

This week's Emperor's Hammer Site of the Week award goes to... insert dramatic pause... The Clan Taldryan website at

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