IO Report # 22 (2001-04-27)

This report was submitted by FA Absolutek


IO News

IOA Quake and I have continued to improve upon the IRC Bot "SilentOne" which can be found in several EH channels this week. To complement the Team EH Half-Life: Counter-Strike server setup last week, a script has been added to SilentOne that will output the status of the server.

SilentOne HL/Q2/QW Server Commands:
!hl <IP Address> - Outputs the name of the server, number of players online, map currently being played, and ping time in ms.
!hlp <IP Address> - Outputs the same as above, but with  a list of players and their  Kills, Pings.
!q2 <IP Address> - Same as !hl, only for Quake 2 servers.
!q2p <IP Address> - same as !hlp, only for Quake 2 servers..
!qw <IP Address> - Same as !hl only for QuakeWorld servers.
!qwp <IP Address> - Same as !hlp only for QuakeWorld servers.

It should be noted, that these commands will work with ANY Half-Life, Quake 2, or QuakeWorld server, no matter what mod they are running.

Also, incase people have forgotten, SilentOne also does statistics for several channels that it sits in. You can find out several different stats by issuing the following commands:

/msg SilentOne place <channel> - Will show your place and word count on <channel> to you only.
/msg SilentOne topten <channel> - Will show you the top ten chatters, and their word counts on <channel> to you only.

Statistics are also available online:

In other news, I coded in a requested feature to the EH Message Board System that will show and rank people who have posted on the EH Message Board System. You can view the page here. I have also upgraded the version of the EH Message Board System to v0.101 to signify this change.

Internet Office Poll

"Home appliance I can't do without:" - Go vote!

Internet Office Websites Status

Internet Office ( - Operational
WebRing ( - Operational
Images Archive ( - Operational
VBScript IWATS Course ( - Operational
-Go do it if you haven't already, Ari needs more work!
Greeting Card Centre ( - Operational:
-Still in need of more graphics for use in cards.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week (EH:SotW)

This weeks EH SotW award goes to one of the most impressive site to come a long in a while. The Stalker Shipyards Limited (SSL) website of the BHG, as coded by Koral. Making use of PHP Sessions, the SSL website is a very near reproduction of a functional eCommerce website, only lacking the secure checkout :-). Although to experience the full functionality of this website, you will have to join the BHG (go here), the majority of it can still be viewed online at

Respectfully Submitted,

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"C code. C code run. Please run, PLEASE!!!"

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