IO Report # 3 (2001-09-07)

This report was submitted by AD Ari


Internet Office News

This week, things were fairly quiet in the Internet Office, with a lot of changes going now that it's "back to school" time. With everyone getting adjusting to new surroundings, there hasn't been much time for IO discussions between the staff. However, we have come up with a final decision for a title for the IO magazine: The Holonet Journals. As of now, it is set to be a bi-monthly publication, and I hope to get the first issue out towards the end of the month. The following sections will be included in the Journals:

"Ask the IO" and other technical questions - Please send ALL your questions to, or, better off, use the Ask the IO page on
Code snippets - Featuring HTML, ASP, PHP and more
Book Reviews - The best books to learn coding from
Website Reviews - Ever wanted to improve your site? Want to know why it hasn't been getting awards like SotW? The Internet Office will provide you with some advice on how to make your site more appealing. If you would like to submit your site for consideration for a THJ Website Review, please e-mail the site URL and title to .
Humor Column - Internet humor and other related amusements.
"Special" Sections - Each issue may have its own section unique to it.

THJ Staff:
Currently, we require some assistance in making this production a success so we need some people for the following tasks. Obviously, performance and good work will be rewarded:

Submissions Editor: In charge of getting EH members to submit questions, ideas, and anything that will be useful to THJ.
Layout & Art Editor: In charge of designing a magazine format and graphics.
Grammar Editor: When the final version is ready, the grammar editor will review everything for typos, grammar mistakes, etc. Must be well-skilled in English.

I'll make a decision based on who I think is most qualified to do the job, however there is a limited "first come, first serve" rule, so if you're interested, e-mail .

To all EH members: We need your help, so please get your submissions in as soon as you can. Submissions for The Holonet Journals, Issue #1: "Site Not Found" are due NO LATER than September 24, 2001.

Internet Office Poll
Following the news that CA:IO Darkfire and IOA AbsoluteK are to be EH-wed, this week's poll is "When should Df and AbK tie the (online) knot?" at .

Internet Office Websites Status
Internet Office ( - operational EH Message Boards ( - operational WebRing ( - operational Images Archive ( - operational VBScript IWATS Course ( - operational Greeting Card Center ( - operational

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week
In a shameless attempt at self-promotion, the IO staff has decided to make the EH Images Archive SotW. You can see pictures of all your fellow EHers at .

In Service of the Emperor's Hammer,

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ISD Colossus: FC's Own, 2000
IWATS VBScript Professor

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