IO Report # 28 (2002-03-01)

This report was submitted by AD Ari

March 1 , 2002

Internet Office News

Lots and lots of news this week! First, let us begin with the new staff appointments. Congratulations to RA Mutilator, the new CA:IO and CM Alex Foley, the new IOA! This makes the new IO staff:
CA:IO/RA Mutilator
IOA/RA Leeson
IOA/RA Keldorn
IOA/CM Alex Foley
Congrats to all, and thank you to all who applied!

And now what you've been expecting - the people who are to go on to the Main Stage of Project Hawkeye have been selected. They will be notified tomorrow night, when the competition officially launches. If you were not accepted, you will not know who was until March 24th or 25th, when the competition is over.

A couple of statistics about those accepted. 22 people were accepted, total. The following is the subgroup breakup of those accepted (this means that if they put their TC ID, but they're also BHG, they're counted as TC): 6 BHG, 11 TC, 2 DB, 1 CD, 1 IS, 1 IW. The maximum possible score on the qualification test (for which we are no longer accepting) was 150. The maximum score that anyone got was 145. The 2 lowest grades were a 0 (hard to believe, huh? :P) and a 35. After that, no one got lower than around a 75. The lowest grade of the accepted pool was 114. The mean score of the accepted pool was 136, the mode was 140. We don't have everyone's scores, since people who did not make the cut were deleted in order to save database space. However, there are 6 people that are on the "waiting list" just in case we need to replace anyone due to them not being able to participate or anything like that. Their scores will be available to them, as well as to the accepted agents.

The main stage begins tomorrow night, all Mission Masters are prepared and I would like to personally extend my wishes for best of luck to the prospective agents - you've already earned a Certificate of Participation and at least some type of reward.

In other news, the main page has been reformatted a little bit to give a neater look and organization, and lots of broken links have been fixed in anticipation of the upcoming Webby Awards. When it comes time, make sure you vote!

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the new addition to the BHG pool of games, Podracer! Originally the idea of the Auroran Gambling Authority and then developed by JediJawa into a full-fledged game, you can see it at

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