IO Report # 19 (2001-12-28)

This report was submitted by AD Ari

Internet Office News

It may be Christmas week, but the Internet Office has still been hard at work. RA Darkfire and FA AbsoluteK are still on leave and are returning the 2nd I believe. However, the rest of us are still continuing with Project Hawkeye.
Khadgar, Alex Foley, Leeson and Kweek have all been working on various websites for Hawkeye, which will be vital to the competition. I have also been working on a site this week. This week I started (and finished) the site for the Hawkeye Qualification Stage. This is the site that will be public to everyone as soon as we open up Hawkeye to the public. The site contains all the instructions you need and some insight into the game. For us, it has a system for deciding who to accept or not. I will not yet reveal what exactly the Qualification Stage consists of now, just to make it more fun :-p My finals start this coming week and go on for two weeks, so I may not be able to work so much on Hawkeye myself, but the rest of the Hawkeye staff will continue working. Also, Alex Foley is purchasing a domain name for our project, I still need some temporary hosting for the sites we work on since I'd like to keep things off EHNet for now (don't want anyone "accidentally" running into a Hawkeye site do we?). Other than that, work is moving as scheduled, and we hope to have the competition prepared by mid-March (around my birthday, March 18! :-P *hint hint*). Anyways, a little more information about Hawkeye will probably be released in 3 weeks or so.
The Internet Office wishes everyone a very safe, happy and healthy New Years!
Internet Office Poll

This week's poll was suggested by Grail in #tiecorps..."What is/was the best gaming platform?" Personally I favor good ol' Atari :-p
Internet Office Websites Status

Internet Office ( - operational
EH Message Boards ( - operational
The Holonet Journals, Issue #1 ( - operational
WebRing ( - operational
Images Archive ( - operational
VBScript IWATS Course ( - operational
Greeting Card Center ( - operational
Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SotW goes to the ISD Immortal site at Congrats go to Toran Dan ( who's been waiting patiently for this award which he's earned!
In Service of the Emperor's Hammer,
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[LoC-CSx6] [MoC-SoC-5BoC] [CoE] [CoB] [LoA] [OV-3E]
Internet Officer of the Emperor's Hammer
ISD Colossus: FC's Own, 2000
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