IO Report # 22 (2002-01-18)

This report was submitted by AD Ari

January 18 , 2002

Internet Office News

For those who are still unaware, the Internet Office magazine, The Holonet Journals Issue #2 has been released. You can access it here. I'd like to thank Alex Foley, Leeson, AbsoluteK and most of all Darkfire for the hard work they put in to this. For marvellous work as editor-in-chief of THJ, I have promoted my Command Attaché Darkfire to the rank of Vice Admiral!

IOA AbsoluteK is working on the EH Fiction Archive, similar to the old Fiction Compendium from AbK needs a banner for the Fiction Archive. If you're good in graphics, try your hand at one and send it over to!

I have finished accepting auditions for Project Hawkeye Voice talents. The following will be among the cast of characters:
AD Quake "Kweeky" playing Officer #1
CPT CrazyR2 "R2b0t" playing Officer #2
MAJ Darkhawk playing Officer #3
CPT Falcon playing Officer #4
CM Mosh playing the Specialist
CPT Dei playing the Apprentice
VA Darkfire playing the Informant

These people will be receiving the scripts which they will be recording soon. I have not yet decided how much of the project I will inform them of (if they aren't already on the team).

Speaking of which, some of you may be wondering "Well, if you're only accepting 20-25 people, what happens to the rest of us, we don't know about the secret?" I've decided that after the project has been completed by all players, the entire Hawkeye staff will compile reports, files and documents about everything that has transpired during the period of time that the competition has been running. This will assist everyone in preparing for the second episode of Project Hawkeye, which we will begin work on about a month after we finish the first. Of course, you'll all know what Hawkeye is by the time Hawkeye II comes around :P

And finally, I've decided that in order to keep everything on schedule, we will probably open up the Qualification Test for Hawkeye some time in February while we are tying last-minute things together. The test will run for at least 2 weeks. It will consist of mainly general knowledge in one section, including topics such as Star Wars, EH, Science, and "Miscellaneous" General Knowledge. The second section will be a bunch of personality questions in order to help us get to know you and decide if you should be among the Hawkeye participants. We will try to maximize the number of people we accept from each subgroup, and we'll try to push for 25 if the admin staff can handle it.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's Site of the Week is the Fleet Order of Battle at, done CA:SCO Kermee all in PHP! Yay for PHP!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

Would you marry a videogame character if you could? (courtesy of IGNInsider and AbsoluteK)

  • The answer is forty-two.
  • That's crazy - I'm afraid to see the poll results!
  • Yes, I've proposed to Princess Peach.
  • Where are the normal polls?
  • Well, I asked Lara Croft but she turned me down.
  • No, I'm a freeswinging videogame bachelor.
  • I like icey cream
  • Can I too be the President of Everything?
  • Yes, I'm happily married to Mario right now.
  • Help! Luigi proposed to me! What do I do?


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