IO Report # 33 (2002-04-05)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

April 5 , 2002

Internet Office News

Lots of news this week, the IO is back on track after a short break from Project Hawkeye!

I have returned from my leave of absence, and I'd like to commend my CA Mutilator for doing a good job running the office while I was away.

IOA Alex Foley has been hard at work this week - first of all, he has created the new redirection service, at We encourage everyone to make use of this new and useful service, especially if you have a long URL.

Also, Alex Foley has created an IWATS Flash course - with 50 graduates in 2 days already! Take it at

Progress is nearly complete on the EH Holonet Awards by, you guessed it, IOA Alex Foley. More details will be released soon, keep checking for updates!

After all this, it's no surprise that CM Alex Foley has been awarded the Commendation of Excellence (CoE) for consistent work with the Internet Office. Congrats on winning this much-coveted award - he's the first person below COL to be awarded the CoE!

RA Keldorn is working on Issue 3 of The Holonet Journals. Please send all your submissions, anything - articles, code snippets, humor, anything - send to!

Want free medals??? Are you good at graphics? Then you're just the person we need! The EH Greeting Card Center, at, is in need of some new cards as you can probably see. Anything you can come up with, birthday greetings, well-wishes, anything that's EH- or Star Wars-oriented, and as long as it is appropriate and it fits the GCC - e-mail it to me at! Medals will be awarded according to the number of submissions I accept from you. 1-2 earns an ISM, 3-5 PC, 6-10 BS, 10+ SS. The Grand Admiral himself has requested that the GCC be expanded, and hopefully if I get enough cards we can divide it up into individual sections based on card-type.

I have written up a list of Internet Guidelines for the entire fleet. These will be posted on the major EH news sites soon, as well as Sites MUST follow the rules laid out in the guidelines, and we at the Internet Office highly recommend considering the suggestions.


  • Sites MUST have links to the EH Disclaimers ( and EH Privacy Policy ( pages displayed on the main page of their site or on the navbar.
  • Sites may NOT use as a redirection service.
  • Obviously, all sites must abide by Bylaws and AoWs.
  • Sites who do not obey these rules will not be linked to by any major EH site. Webmasters who do not comply after being asked to may be subject to Security Officer action.
  • The Internet Officer reserves the right to add rules to these at any time.
Strong Suggestions:
  • Sites with excessively long URLs should consider domain redirection provided by
  • All sites should be compatible with the latest version of major browsers (IE 6 and Netscape 6).
  • Sites should preferably be optimized for 800x600 resolution, but if it is necessary, 1024x768 is also acceptable.
  • A good idea is to run your site through the W3C HTML Validator ( and CSS Validator (
  • Do not have unnecessary large images, popups, or Java applets on your page. They slow down loading time tremendously.
  • A warning about using MS Word and older versions of Frontpage to create websites: they add in large amounts of unnecessary tags, which slow down loading times.

These aren't too much to ask for I hope, but all EH sites MUST follow these rules.

If you have any ideas for the plotline for Hawkeye II, e-mail me.

Whew...very long report. That's it for this week!

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the newly redone Imperial Senate site at Congrats to Orv Dessrx ( on a job well-done!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What is the most used on leave excuse from a CO higher than WC (or subgroup equivalent)? (poll submitted by Angel)

  • Upgrading computer
  • Computer problems
  • Internet disconnected
  • Family member ill
  • ISP problems
  • Computer was stolen
  • Phone lines cut
  • Stress leave
  • Email will not work
  • No reason - they just disappeared
  • Were they ever active to begin with?


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