IO Report # 48 (2002-07-19)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

July 19 , 2002

Internet Office News

Once again, a very busy and very important week for the Internet Office! We start out with the release of our newest project, the IO Code Archive at! The IO Code Archive, coded by IOA Turtle, serves as a central hub for EHers who wish to exchange useful coding tips. In an effort to expand the Code Archive, I am offering something similar to what I did with the EH Greeting Card Center: if, at the end of two weeks, you have posted 5 code snippets, it will earn you an ISM or equivalent. 10 snippets gets you a PC or equivalent. And 20+ snippets will get you a nice shiny BS or equivalent. If you post a lot more than 20, perhaps we can work out some sort of reward on a case-by-case basis. The medals will be awarded at the end of two weeks in order to give everyone a chance to post as much as they can.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, I've added a new feature to the IO report, the "Code Snippet of the Week" which will be a code snippet picked from the IO Code Archive with a short description for those reading the report. The full code can be found at the IO Code Archive.

Now, one of the largest endeavors of the Internet Office has finally been released as of today! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my extreme pleasure to present to you My EHNet or also known as MyDot at! MyDot is a project that is completely coded by our very own IOA Alex Foley. Alex has been working on MyDot for about a month now, and his work and effort put into it matches the quality of the final result! My EHNet allows you to customize your very own EH start page with news and information from all over - TC news, BHG news, random IRC quotes, World News, Sports news, Internet news and LOTS, LOTS MORE! There are over 30 blocks to choose from and 8 different themes for the site so that you can view the site to YOUR preferences. That's not all! My EHNet comes with a fully functional EH search engine! Currently, there aren't as many links as we'd like, but we hope that EVERYONE will submit a link to their own personal EH webpages. The more sites we get, the better the search engine works! Also, CA:IO Mutilator is working on a full-indexing search engine which will not only search the sites in the database, but it will search the actual pages of each site, such as Yahoo or AltaVista. For his hard work on a simply superb site both in appearance and coding, I am awarding IOA Alex Foley a Gold Star! What I really hope is that many EHers actually do take advantage of My EHNet and set it as their homepages, and tell your friends about it too! I know I definitely will!

Speaking of medals, I have awarded IOA Bevel Leeson a Commendation of Excellence (CoE)! This is LONG overdue for Leeson. He's coded a major EH subgroup site, the CD site, which itself alone is grounds for a CoE. But not only that, he's coded the CD iBank and Stock Exchange, he's done the ASF site, a Hawkeye I site, and the new ISD Vanguard site. All in all, he's certainly deserving of a CoE which I should've given him long ago. Congrats, Lee!

The newest IWATS Internet programming course, JavaScript, has been released! Written by Alex Foley, you can find it at It's a very nice introduction to JavaScript as a client-side scripting language. I'd also like to remind people about the PHP IWATS course, written by Mutilator, at! They're both very good courses for the beginner, intermediate and even advanced web programmer!

MinosNIC users who use PHP's mail() function to send out e-mails from their web site are advised to be sure they are sending the correct headers to direct bounce messages back to their account. A From: header is not enough... a Return-Path header (typically with the same address) must also be specified. For example:

mail("","My email","This is the message","From:\nReturn-Path:");

Without these additional headers, bounce messages will be directed to the system postmaster instead.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is My EHNet at, fantastically coded by Alex Foley ( My EHNet earns 5 stars, simply for the reasons stated above :P

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Code Snippet of the Week

XML Parsing with PHP

Written by Ari - the ultimate solution for parsing XML with PHP parsing functions. Very useful for syndicating news or rosters into your page.

You can find the full code for this snippet, along with many others, at the IO Code Archive!



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