IO Report # 103 (2003-08-08)

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Internet Office Report #103

August 8, 2003

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This week has been very busy for the IO between SquadFirst+, EHW and other miscellany. First off, I sent SA Astatine a list of updated links for the TC site, which will hopefully be up and replace the old, out of date ones.

EH Wargames: we cleared some major obstacles, in terms of logistics and programming. Leeson also completed a particularly tricky function that was in the way of map creation. For more EHW info, see my post on the TC message board at

And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for, the release of SquadFirst+! This is a project the IO, particularly Alex Foley, has been working on for 3 weeks now. It's evolved from it's predecessor quite tremendously with more functionality and customization. The administration backend interface is more standardized and scalable for different subgroups and different levels. And now, the official release announcement:

SquadFirst revolutionized the way CMDRs produced their websites. Since its conception over 25 squadrons had chosen to use a SquadFirst site. But, we weren't satisfied with just making a squadron management script. So, we began to make a website management script for wings, then for ships, and for battlegroups. But, why stop there? Soon enough support was added for the Infiltrator Wing, the Dark Brotherhood, and the Hammer's Fist.

The end result is SquadFirst+, one of the most ambitious projects ever created by the Internet Office. For the past month, MAJ Alex Foley has been developing the next generation of management scripts. And today, it makes me very proud to announce that SquadFirst+ v2.0.0 has been released. 6976 lines of code. Over 100 man hours of work. It's the upgrade that a project like SquadFirst deserved.

Also included with SquadFirst+ are 4 new themes. A new theming system within SF+ makes it much easier to make your own theme, having to know practically no PHP whatsoever. The new themes featured are AT-AT for the Hammer's Fist (by Alex Foley), Emperor's Hammer: Classic Scenes, the new default theme for SF+ (by Alex Foley), Stonesaber, a great new Dark Brotherhood theme (by MAJ Xander Drax), and TIE Phantom, a holonet-looking new theme for the TIE Corps (by MAJ Xander Drax and FA Leeson).

With SquadFirst+ comes a new SquadFirst website located still at Besides a new design, the new site also hosts The Registry, which houses a master list of all SquadFirst+ sites. Gain inspiration, find custom themes, chceck out custom code; whatever the end result, The Registry will extend SquadFirst+ into a community of developers. We hope you enjoy SquadFirst+!

For his efforts, I have recommended Alex Foley be rewarded with the Grand Order of the Emperor (GOE), pending FC and XO approval. I have also recommended a Silver Star for MAJ Xander Drax for his work on themes.

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This week's SOTW is, of course SquadFirst+ by Alex Foley. Congrats to Alex on a 5 star site located at

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What do you think of the brand new SquadFirst+?
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  • I don't like it/ I don't use it
  • It's the best IO project ever!
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    Command Assistant: CPT Drako

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