IO Report # 91 (2003-05-16)

This report was submitted by HA Ari

May 16 , 2003

Internet Office News

This week, the Internet Office has been working on plans for a brand new massive project which will be a joint effort between the IO, WO/CGM, FO, COMM, TO and possibly more. While it's extremely early to say anything other than that, we are currently working on developing the idea, which has the possibility of becoming something even more revolutionary than Project Hawkeye.

FA Leeson has informed me that due to limitations of Flash, he will not be able to successfully complete the anticipated EH Radio Player in Flash. Sorry, folks.

There's a brand new counter available at the EH Counters Service (, with a more digital and technical feel. All webmasters can sign up for free counters, regardless of where you host!

Not much else this week except the design is almost done. CPT Drako also did one, but it is being saved for use with the new project.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

The SOTW for this week is Calypso - BHG Blogger system at Congrats to Khylari ( on his 5 star site!

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Internet Office Poll

What did/do you think of the game Star Wars Rebellion?

  • It's awesome
  • It's not great, but can be with some improvement
  • The idea of the game is okay, but it itself is not
  • It sucks all around


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