IO Report # 86 (2003-04-11)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

April 11 , 2003

Internet Office News

The main page of is in it's first stage of completion, and is being sent to GA Ronin for review today. Meanwhile, IOA Slagar is now working on the sub-page design, for example news and links pages.

I'm happy to say that the sites I've checked this week are all in compliance with the Internet Guidelines. I guess most people are taking my message seriously, as it should be. Good for you, you've got a happy IO now :)

I'm going to make this message again. It's very frustrating for me when you ask me to update moderators without telling me who the previous moderator was and if he/she should be removed. I need both your and the previous mod's usernames when you email me. I will begin to ignore emails that don't include this information. It's not a lot of work for you, but it saves a lot for me.

Hopefully, we will be releasing details sometime soon about how to make your own theme for SquadFirst. Stay tuned.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the Kappa Squadron website at Even though it's a modification of SquadFirst, it's a particularly GOOD modification and demonstrates proficient knowledge of web design, earning CPT Tempest ( a 4 star SOTW.

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What project would you most like to see revived?

  • The Holonet Journals
  • Project Hawkeye II
  • EH Holonet Awards
  • My EHNet
  • EH Code Archive
  • BannerEx / Counters Service / Webring


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