IO Report # 85 (2003-04-04)

This report was submitted by FA Ari

April 4 , 2003

Internet Office News

The Internet Office, though right now at a particularly minimal capacity, activity is picking up. We'd like to welcome our newest IOA, CPT Xander Drax! He will be helping us out with site designs and graphics mainly, but will also be learning PHP hopefully. I have received four other applications for the position, and I will be deciding this week on two more IOAs.

With Slagar's arrival to the IO, we've successfully completed the HTMLization of the new design. The next major step is getting a splash image done. We have an artist who has volunteered, but if you would like to submit your own piece of work for consideration (and if it is accepted, you get a big fat shiny medal), please send it to

This week I contacted several individuals regarding TIE Corps Internet Guidelines compliance. Either their squadrons did not have sites, or they were missing required links. I am doing random spot-checking now. If anything is found to be incompliant, a warning will be sent to you and your superiors. From the moment the warning is sent, you have one week to comply or you face removal from your position. That means: If you are a CMDR+ in the TC, your unit MUST have a website. For those of you who don't - I suggest you get one made, or use the SquadFirst template ASAP. The Internet Guidelines are at

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's SOTW is the Wing II Forums site, all done in ASP by TIMMAY ( You can see this 4 star site at

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What project would you most like to see revived?

  • The Holonet Journals
  • Project Hawkeye II
  • EH Holonet Awards
  • My EHNet
  • EH Code Archive
  • BannerEx / Counters Service / Webring


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