IO Report # 4 (2004-05-21)

This report was submitted by AD Robert Dura

-- News --

This week saw the start of the EH Holonet Awards II, currently there are
26 nominations. This is a good start. Go nominate more! Nominations end
May 28th, a week from now. Primary voting begins Saturday, May 29th.

This week also saw the appointment of a new Prex for the Corporate
Division. Congratulations to Trido. Since I run the server that the CD
site runs on, I have asked and been accepted as their web guy.

In light of the events with the TC site, I have sent a proposal for
backups to the COMM, FC and XO. Keep tuned for more details.

While it is discouraged to talk about real life personal matters in this,
I need to give a bit of warning about my RL future. Currently my in-laws
are visiting. And I will miss this week's EH meeting. Untill Monday, so
I'm not at my computer much. Sometime in the coming weeks I will either
start moving across the country, or waiting on my wife who might get
surgery...and then moving. I am attempting to make plans so that I will
have a computer and Internet during my move.

-- Poll --

The past week's poll was "Why is the IO Sick?", there was a total of 26
votes. Apparently, I was sick because I contracted an STD, with 9 votes.
This beating out my allergy to ASP (by a single vote.

This week's poll is:
Best Day of the Week to play Multi-player Games
* Monday
* Tuesday
* Wednesday
* Thursday
* Friday
* Saturday
Due to limitations If you wish for Sunday, please post a comment saying

-- Site of the Week --

This week's site of the week is the Krayt Squadron Site,, congratulations to Lieutenant Colonel Crimson
Fury on a 4 star site. Please remember Green on Red hurts :P

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