IO Report # 5 (2004-05-28)

This report was submitted by AD Robert Dura

Internet Officer Report - May 28, 2004

-- News --

This past week sees the ending of the Nominations for the EH Holonet Awards, and the start of the Primary Voting. Primary Voting will run from May 29th (a little bit before the EH meeting) untill June 4th. A person may only vote once per category. The top 3 sites will continue to the finals. A site must receive AT LEAST one vote to continue on to the finals.

Internet Officer Supported Software. Given the shear number of programs for use on the Internet, an inexperienced computer user can face a mighty task of selecting what software to use. The Internet Office will therefore start offering suggestions of software that frankly, the IO uses. Thereby having some ability to offer a bit of help with said software. These suggestions are not meant to say one program is better than another. It is merely to offer you a choice and someone to go to for help if you have a problem.

First among IO Supported Software is an FTP Client called FileZilla. You can download filezilla from Some instructions on using FileZilla with the Minos web hosting service are located at:

Personal Life Update: I said last time that I might be moving "real soon". Well those moving plans have fallen through. Chances are I will be in the same place for at least another 2 months. But that could change in a moments notice. Don't you love the military :)

-- Poll --

This past week's poll was "Best Day of the Week to play Mutiplayer Games", there was a disappointing total of 20 votes. Saturday getting 12 votes, Friday getting 5.
This week's poll, as an extension of the previous one is..
"What Time of Day to Multiplayer (EDT)"
(These times are EDT, which is -4 GMT)
* 6am to 10am
* 10am to 2pm
* 2pm to 6pm
* 6pm to 10pm
* 10pm to 2am
* 2am to 6am

-- Site of the Week --

This week's site of the week is the Top Gun Academy. Located at Congratulations to Drako on a 5 star site. It looks good, but get some content! :P

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