IO Report # 2 (2020-11-10)

This report was submitted by IO/AD Turtle Jerrar/CS-4/VSD Stalwart

Internet Officer Report #2

9 November, 2020

Admiral Turtle Jerrar surveyed the work occurring around him. The hangar deck was a flurry of activity. Technicians hurried across the floor, inventorying and routing newly received supplies and equipment in preparation for the ship’s journey. In the distance sparks rained from the ceiling as welders adapted racks once used to store vehicles for planetary assaults. In their place was a complement of the latest communications and technical equipment that would support the Emperor’s Hammer’s journey across the galaxy in support of the Fleet Commander's latest order.

Admiral Turtle preferred it here, where the work was done, rather than up on the command bridge.

A deck officer approached him bearing a datapad. “Admiral, the daily status report on ship readiness that you requested.” Nodding, Admiral Turtle thumbed through the pages with a cursory glance.

“Thank you, Captain” he replied. “Anything that would prohibit our departure tomorrow morning as scheduled?”

“No significant concerns at this time, Admiral. We still have teams working on the relay equipment out on the top of the command tower, but we expect them to be complete and back through the airlock by 0200.”

“Make sure we have that equipment tested before they get back in. We won’t have an ideal time to get them back out there for any fixes once we begin navigating the Cluster.” The Captain nodded. “Contact the Herald and request a final status update. Fleet Admiral La’an has his hands full with that old bucket.”

Not that he could say a lot; the Stalwart was hardly much newer. An original Victory-class, her keel was laid down during the late days of the Clone Wars. But her age belied her capabilities. Long a part of the Special Operations Battlegroup, Admiral Turtle had requested the ship specifically. He knew of her impeccable maintenance and upgrade record, and purpose-made modifications to adapt the ship to its former special operations support role. He knew the ship would be ideal for its new role as the home of the Internet Office.

Internet Office Activity

Internet Office Announcements

  • COL Silwar Naiilo has joined the Internet Office staff. He will initially be focusing on our site API and API-enabled tools. Welcome to the team!

Commendation of Excellence Awards

The Commendation of Excellence may be awarded to any member for consistent support, maintenance, or creation of official Emperor’s Hammer web pages/sites and internet-enabled applications.

  • GN Pickled Yoda: 'Presented in recognition of developing and hosting the Raise the Flag web site. Your contribution provided a clear and concise method of tracking yearly RTF activity and results, and greatly contributed to the success of the yearly Raise the Flag events from 2014-2019. These achievements reflect great credit upon yourself, Theta Squadron, and the Emperor’s Hammer TIE Corps.' 07/26/2020
  • AD Jedi Eclipse: 'Presented in recognition of your efforts to host and maintain numerous IWATS/Imperial University courses between 2009-2020. Your contributions provided the Emperor’s Hammer membership an easy to access repository for training, enabling members across the fleet to increase their knowledge and expertise in topical areas of interest. These efforts continued unabated across your multiple duty assignments during this time frame despite your changing roles and responsibilities, and this award is significantly overdue. Your achievements reflect great credit upon yourself, the TIE Corps, and the Emperor’s Hammer Internet Office.' 11/04/2020

Internet Office Activity

  • Implemented scoring support for Star Wars: Squadrons, along with other optimizations for PvP and PvE match submissions (all platforms) in coordination with the Combat Operations Office. Implemented duplicate checking for all match submissions.
  • Numerous bug fixes and small updates to existing production site code on A 'public' changelog for the production site is available at
  • Completed several data quality runs on the existing production site to fix or update existing data.
  • Established official GitHub organization for the Emperor's Hammer, Inc. to serve as an official archive of EH code. Established initial repositories for existing projects. Members interested in contributing code to new or existing projects should contact the IO for information and access.
  • Multiple updates to the Discord server.
  • COL Silwar Naiilo established the Gonk tool to assist squadron commanders in compiling member activity within their commands. More information will follow as this tool is refined.
  • Implemented fixes to TTT and data backend to resolve user errors when using the application. The current release of TTT is Update Pack 1.08 (released 2020-10-31).
  • Ongoing work in support of Project Minos Relevancy.
  • Completed several searches of archived materials.


  • Star Wars: Squadrons is a blast! If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd recommend giving it a shot if your system can run it.
  • Completed graphics work for various projects and squadrons.
  • Completed assorted work on the Wiki including conversion of some existing resources to Wiki format, and updates to existing articles.

Internet Office Priorities


  • Project Minos Relevancy, a project to modernize the Emperor's Hammer web presence, and unify the EH/TC/DB web sites and databases.
  • Conduct review of Emperor's Hammer web properties to identify broken links, outdated material, and problems with functionality.
  • Assess state of Commendation of Excellence awards and awarding procedure.
  • Assess need for issuance of any Internet Office policies, as necessary.
  • Assess restoration of archived club news, history, profile records, etc.
  • Assess and implement optimizations to improve search engine visibility, and other avenues of web/social media presence, in coordination with applicable Command Staff offices.
  • Improve automation procedures to promote confidentiality, availability, and integrity of club web sites and databases.

Internet Office Staff


I can be reached as needed by way of e-mail (linked from my TIE Corps profile), or Discord at turtlexiv#5752.

Admiral, Emperor's Hammer
Internet Officer
IO/AD Turtle Jerrar/CS-4/VSD Stalwart
GOE/GS/BSx3/PCx2/ISMx7/IS-4BW-1PR-3GR-2SR-1BR/MoI/LoC-TS-IS-CSx7-Rx1/LoS-CSx2-Rx3/DFC- Rx1/MoC-6boc/CoLx4/CoE/CoB/LoAx9/OV-23E

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