IO Report # 3 (2021-02-08)

This report was submitted by IO/AD Turtle Jerrar/CS-4/VSD Stalwart

Internet Officer Report #3

7 February, 2021

A long, dull tone sounded. From the command bridge, Admiral Turtle Jerrar watched the steady stream of blue light materialize into a vivid star field as the Stalwart dropped from hyperspace.

Admiral Jerrar and the officer of the deck turned toward the sensor station in unison.

“The board is clear, Admiral,' the officer manning the station reported. 'No other ships indicated on sensors.”

Admiral Jerrar nodded, turning toward the OOD. “Launch the patrol fighters, standard perimeter patrol. The deployment team can begin as soon as they are ready.”

The Stalwart drifted alone in the void of space, save for the flight of T/ad fighters from Rage Squadron, currently detailed to the vessel, launching from her hangar. The unusual operational technique wasn’t a haphazard measure, however; a single Victory-class, carefully skirting between established hyperlanes, was unlikely to draw much attention. Her mission was straightforward: deploy a network of subspace communication relays, enabling the fleet venturing into the unknown regions to maintain effective communications back to Aurora Prime.

Despite the risk of operating away from the rest of the fleet, the Admiral was confident in the ship’s capabilities. The ship bristled with concussion launcher tubes, complemented by a set of turbolaser batteries, likely to deter all but the most determined aggressor from any confrontation. Her crew, although small by traditional standards, was well-trained and prepared for the task at hand.

Internet Office Activity

VSD Stalwart/Internet Office Patch

The Victory-class Star Destroyer Stalwart is now proudly represented by the first official patch for the VSD Stalwart and Emperor's Hammer Internet Office.

Internet Office Activity

  • TTT3: The Internet Office has been working on development of the next-generation tool for generating Emperor’s Hammer and TIE Corps uniforms. While TTT2 has served the club reliably for many years, our inability to update the tool has constrained certain aspects of uniform generation. Building on the stellar work of LC Tempest, TTT3 (renamed TIE Corps Tailoring Tool) will enable us to make necessary adjustments, and implement some new options. The project team members include CM SkyShadow, AD Jedi Eclipse, AD Turtle Jerrar, with support from LT Braz Ile and COL Silwar Naiilo.

    The first release of TTT3 will be available with core functionality linked to the existing TIE Corps web site. When the new EH/TC site is completed, additional features will be made available in TTT3 to streamline and expedite the process of uniform submission and approval.
  • Completed a re-organization of the Discord server in coordination with the TCCOM and COMM. This included an update to channel organization and an overhaul of the permissions system. The Discord server configuration has been documented to promote consistency in future changes.
  • Implemented an ATR (Activity Tracking Record) API. This API currently serves updates to the Gonk tool and supports squadron CMDRs in their reports and monthly evaluations.
  • The Internet Office conducted an internal meeting for members of the staff to get to know one another, and synchronize efforts across the various Internet Office-led projects.
  • Implemented bug fixes and small maintenance updates to the existing production site code on A public changelog for the production site is available at
  • Implemented new APIs for TTT3 fleet structure synchronization and pilot data import functionality.
  • Released TTT2 with Update Pack 1.09.
  • Posted Internet Office issuances #1 (Award Criteria for the Commendation of Excellence) and #2 (Changes to Display of Emperor’s Hammer Uniform Elements (Wings)). Updated site code and TTT2 API for the amended wing awarding criteria.
  • The Communications Officer initiated a review/update of the Emperor's Hammer Code of Conduct. For more information, please see FA Jarek La'an's most recent report.
  • Ongoing work in support of Project Minos Relevancy.
  • Completed multiple profile restorations and searches of archived materials.


  • On the Star Wars: Squadrons front, the Chalquilla Cup is currently in full swing. I'm happy to be supporting Theta Squadron along with team members GN Pickled Yoda, LCM Wodi Untok, and AD Miles Prower. I will be streaming most of our matches over on my Twitch page.
  • Completed graphics work for assorted projects.

Internet Office Priorities and Lines of Effort


  • Project Minos Relevancy, a project to modernize the Emperor's Hammer web presence, and unify the EH/TC/DB web sites and databases.
  • Development of TTT version 3, the next-generation tool for generating Emperor’s Hammer and TIE Corps uniforms.
  • Conduct review of Emperor's Hammer web properties to identify broken links, outdated material, and problems with functionality. IO intent: The Emperor's Hammer presents a uniform web presence that is as easy and intuitive as possible for new members to navigate.
  • Assess restoration of archived club news, history, profile records, etc.
  • Assess and implement optimizations to improve search engine visibility, and other avenues of web/social media presence, in coordination with applicable Command Staff offices.
  • Improve automation procedures to promote confidentiality, availability, and integrity of club web sites and databases.

Internet Office Staff


I can be reached as needed by way of e-mail (linked from my TIE Corps profile), or Discord at turtlexiv#5752.

Admiral, Emperor's Hammer
Internet Officer
IO/AD Turtle Jerrar/CS-4/VSD Stalwart
GOE/GS/BSx3/PCx2/ISMx8/IS-2SW-7BW-1PR-3GR-2SR-3BR/MoI/LoC-RS-TS-CSx2-Rx1/LoS-CSx2-Rx3/ DFC-Rx1/MoC-6boc/CoLx4/CoE/CoB/LoAx9/OV-24E

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