IO Report # 39 (2002-05-17)

This report was submitted by RA Mutilator

May 17, 2002

Internet Office News

Ari will be on leave until the 17th of May (Sunday). Please send any queries to and CC until he returns. I apologise for any delayed email responses - I'm currently enduring a a period of unpleasant exams which will keep me busy for the next few weeks.

Last weeks poll and people's general opinions, have proven Design #1 to be the most popular template around which to rebuild the new EHNet. Version 3.0 is currently being developed by the IO staff and will feature a variety of new elements such as a unified login system, currently being developed by AD Turtle based around the system on so that users only need to remember one handle/username. On top of this, a new SOTW function, which Ari is currently working on, will mean that sites are rated by a star system (from one to five stars) if nominated.

More EHNet related sites are slowly appearing online, the Banner Exchange is now online and functioning - go and submit your banner today! Note that if you had submitted a banner previously before EHNet went down, you will need to resubmit it. The Webring has also reemerged, coded by Turtle. Ari hopes to get the Greeting Card Centre online when he returns from leave, he should have more info on it in the next IO report. Hopefully you should see more EH sites emerging in the near future.

News from Turtle concerning the MinosNIC service:

The MinosNIC service how has 25 web hosting accounts, and 80 URL redirects. Several updates were made recently, including some PHP security changes, and correction of the problem with redirects.

Work on the new EHNet site is progressing. I expect to have the site up on a new server by Monday. I will also be moving over the message boards and e-mail accounts. As such, expect both to shut down Sunday evening for a few hours. Normal service should be restored by Monday.

The Internet Office will begin moving to a unified login system starting with the release of the new EHNet web site. The "MinosNIC handle" is now the generic "EHNet handle". Once you have registered, your login will be good on all IO web sites tied into the system. If you haven't already done so, please register your handle at

On a similar theme, I make a small mention about the disappearance of, where I was offering webhosting for a few major EH sites (ISD Vanguard, Infiltrator Wing, Hammers Fist, Corporate Division) and various other smaller ones. If your site has suddenly vanished offline and you're pining for your data, email me and I'll return it to you (all database dumps were saved too). Sorry for any inconvenience, the site will return soon on a different server with a more customisable service.

The Holonet Awards and IWATS PHP course will be around once EHNet is fixed.

Emperor's Hammer: Site of the Week

This week's Site of the Week is the ISD Intrepid/Wing XIV site ( Congratulations to CPT Drako ( for a useful site constantly growing in features!

Internet Office Links

Internet Office Poll

What do you want most
from EHNet v3.0?

  • XML backend.
  • Code gallery.
  • Customisable interface.
  • EH search engine.
  • Fast loading times.
  • EH News summaries.
  • Project status page.
  • Mailing lists.


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